The proposed project seeks to make substantial progress with implementing the recommendations made in previous reports generated during project API003 (DevOps and Automation).  

The following three interrelated activities are proposed:

1.  Implement Git to enterprise standards and use it to manage source code for the above selected services.  When ready, IS Apps and ITI teams will be encouraged to migrate other code to it from existing source code control systems.  Greater expertise in Git will be generated and documented.

2. Implement Puppet Enterprise (PE) to enterprise standards and use it to configure and manage the above selected services.  When ready, code will be migrated from Puppet Community to PE.  The procurement of licensing and support for during year 1 is optional in the project proposal. 

3. Pilot and report on a DevOps way of working within IS Apps and ITI.  A DevOps team supporting the entire software lifecycle, comprising staff from existing specialist teams, will be formed to collectively share responsibility for the implementation and delivery of selected services.  Team Leads, a project team, consultants and project sponsors would all contribute to the design and execution of the pilot. Spotify Engineering culture will be referenced as a possible approach to the organisation and management.

Several other projects which are directly related to the present project are planned or proposed during 2016/17.  These include Puppet in ITI, Centralised Logging, Monitoring and Alerting, Cloud Computing and another proposed innovation project on Automation using Docker.  Mutual awareness between the proposed project and these related projects is important and therefore will be sought and maintained.

The success criteria for the project are the satisfactory execution and reporting of the DevOps pilot and the delivery of  Enterprise-ready configuration management and source code control platforms.  

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2017 BLUE 60.0 days 33.2 days 3.0

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Devops : IS Working Methods and Automation
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
Management Office
Project Manager
Maurice Franceschi
Project Sponsor
Stefan Kaempf
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