Project Services have been developing our knowledge and understanding of managing benefits, a critical element of selecting and delivering successful projects.  It is important that we have one approach to managing benefits at the University which can be scaled from major initiatives like Service Excellence through to small projects such as a software enhancement, making it easier to understand and follow the process, promoting consistent use of measures and enabling us to compare and contrast initiatives across the University. 

The framework for managing benefits will be delivered by Information Services, Service Excellence and other interested parties, with the tools needed to support this being added to our PMO toolkit.  This work is outside the scope of this proposal. Establishing a framework and tools is an essential part of the process but without appropriate training, guidance and support these initiatives can easily fail.  The aim of this proposal is therefore to develop the managing benefits guidance and training to support the implementation of benefits management at the University. We would like to develop a range of options which are suitable for senior managers and sponsors who need to gain an understanding of the topic, and those who are directly involved in managing benefits.  Senior colleagues in USG and CSG have asked if our PMO intends to undertake this work, and have been supportive of our proposal. Project Services will complete the work with input from our stakeholders.  That ensures that we own the intellectual property and are not limited by what we can do in the future.  We have included time for review by an external expert to ensure that the content is of a high quality.

Deliverables include:

  • Training materials for a range of audiences
  • Guidance materials for a range of audiences
  • Pilot sessions
  • Updated set of materials post pilot

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Developing Guidance and Training for Managing Benefits
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
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