There is a well-known saying that images speak louder than words, and it is easy to understand why!  We don’t have the time or desire to read long paragraphs of text, and when we do we find it hard to recall the key messages.  Pictures capture our interest, they are easier to remember and can be used to tell a story which would take many words to describe.  Whilst we all know this to be true, we often rely on less visual communications for key messages about our services and our projects.  Social media is a great example of using images to successfully engage large groups of people.

Earlier in the year I was introduced to the concept of a graphic recorder who captured a keynote presentation at a conference in one picture, which months later is the only presentation that I can easily remember.  This technique could help us to create messages that our staff and students can engage with – for example, we could create an image of the student facing services that IS provide which could be quickly and easily communicated online, through social media or posters.

We are lucky to have students in the College of Art who have the relevant skills and who we could work with to create our pictures.  This would provide the student with practical experience and also increase awareness of a possible career option.  I have spoken to a Teaching Fellow in Illustration who was excited by the idea and who felt that this would be a great way to help the students to feel more connected to the wider University.

This website shows what a graphic recorder can produce:

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Improving communication with graphic recording
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