We would propose to build a connection between the IS Alerts service and the existing CMDB database in UniDesk, which includes dependency relationship information for many of our services. The work we are recommending would add some automation to the process of impact analysis, improve overall reporting accuracy, and further incentivise the maintenance and development of a wider and more accurate CMDB. Currently we either over-declare or under-declare downtime that results from patching reboots, without consistency. As a consequence, we often list outages for services which have not been affected, or fail to list services which have been affected, giving us both inaccurate communication to our community, and an inaccurate picture of service availability over time. This situation occurs because ITI are often only able to provide patching information at short notice, and generally not in a format that relates to affected services.  By implementing this plan, the Infrastructure teams could then provide information specifically about the machines affected by patching restarts, and we could use the CMDB connection to translate this list of named machines into a list of affected services. 

There would be two technical components to the work:

  1. Interface to Unidesk DB, which would provide us with objects and relationships 
  2. IS Alerts application changes to support simple creation of patching alerts

The advantages of this work would include: 

  1. More service-focussed alerts, even for short notice patching alerts
  2. Improved service availability reporting
  3. Improved quality of communication to end users
  4. Derive value from populated CMDB, and motivate increased adoption

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Technical Services Integration into IS Alerts
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
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Matt Beilby
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Simon Marsden
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