Update from AS - 26/09/18


Forum G.07A - we just need a projector to be mounted on an existing movable podium to project on the east wall of G.07A. We expect usage to be low, so I'm inclined to keep things simple - no BYOD, no PC, no audio. LSTS involvement might be as simple as suggesting which projector to procure?


Forum 2.33 - this has recently reverted to being a meeting room. We have a podium with AMX panel and control. I can't recall whether the original projector was ceiling or table mounted. In any case, I guess we'd be better with a TFT panel now. I was envisioning replicating the setup in AT-7.02/7.03, but without the audio (mics etc). This would definitely need to be a contractor job.


AT-5.01 - we'd like to install the same as was installed in AT-6.16 - namely TFT/BYOD/PC/control, all wall-mounted. Again, I think this would need to be a contractor job.


We have budget for all the above.


As for the PC wall brackets that I reckoned hadn't been installed - the rooms are AT-6.16, 8.02 and 9.01. Certainly neither 8.02 nor 9.01 have PC wall brackets.


As for the remaining Forum AV, I'll get back to you once we've had some internal deliberations.





1) Add AV to AT-5.01. Same as was installed for AT-6.16 - LCD 65", BYOD, MLC Plus 100, PC wall bracket


2) Projector for IF-G.07A - just a projector on a trolley (we already have a suitable trolley) which can be wheeled in to project on the east wall of G.07A. No PC nor BYOD.


3) Replace AV in IF-4.02 - ideally want to replicate what we installed in IF-5.02, namely two screens, a BiAmp DevIO and a VC camera. But, this time with BYOD and PC and appropriate control.

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