UoE Investor Programme/EIE 2021

The EIE proposal sets out to establish the foundations for one of Europe’s leading investor readiness programme at the University, delivering cross-Hub KPIs for the DDI programme and socio-economic benefits for the City Region. The programme will be based the existing model, albeit at a reduced scale to reflect the budget and timescales, to be used as a platform for all DDI Hubs, in nurturing data-driven entrepreneurs to form and scale SMEs, to attract investment and create high value jobs. The programme will be clearly branded as a University of Edinburgh initiative.

In light of Covid-19, it will provide the opportunity for Bayes to conclude work to pivot and scale a new business model for EIE, i.e. to transition sponsors and investors to a virtual model, actively target new SMEs and investors via DDI Hub networks, and to exploit new geographies that have opened up as a result of the removal of physical barriers. We will use this period to identify alternative business models for EIE that will enable us to move to sustainability. In full recognition of the value potential of EIE for the wider Scottish tech ecosystem, discussions are ongoing to leverage longer term funding from Scottish Enterprise for nationwide scouting and internationalisation activity.

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UoE Investor Programme/EIE 2021
Bayes Centre Data Driven Entrepreneurship (BEN)
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Stephen Ewing
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Michael Rovatsos
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