A review is to be carried out to assess best the way forward to achieve our strategic objectives for our data network service, and on where our initial investment should be directed.

The University's data network has grown organically over many years, with design decisions and priorities sometimes being based on tactical or technology concerns rather than driven by the University’s strategic focus. Much of the network infrastructure (notably most of the edge switches) is approaching the end of its expected life, and switch failures are the most common cause of network service disruption.

The University has now decided to invest significantly in improving its IT infrastructure, including the network, to ensure that it is fit for the future.  Approximately £10M of network-related investment is planned over the next five years, covering Run, Grow and Transform developments.

The overall strategic objectives for this investment are:

  1. Improve the reliability of the network service.
  2. Support anticipated future requirements, including:
    • Ubiquitous wireless-enabled devices
    • Capacity to cope with high volumes of research data
    • Distance learning – remote delivery.
    • Internet of things
    • Intelligent buildings
    • Ubiquitous high definition video
  3. Reduce the cost of managing the network in the face of continual expansion.
  4. Improve network security (particularly for Data Science).

The main deliverable from this project will be a strategic review report which:

  • Provides a commentary on existing inventory, network design and network performance.
  • Provides an options appraisal for the strategic direction of the network so as to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • Recommends and justifies one option.
  • Under that option, identifies areas where investment in FY 16/17 will bring the greatest immediate benefit.

This project is the first in a series of projects  to carry out the review, recommendations and implementations of them.

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Network Strategic Review
ITI - Communications Infrastructure (CIS)
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Maurice Franceschi
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Anthony Weir
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