Completion Report

Project Summary:


This project was undertaken with 2 key deliverables, namely to upgrade DEV, TEST and LIVE to the latest version of Serengeti's eIntranet and to migrate the DB onto Oracle 11g. An additional deliverable identified during planning was the configuration of 2 PCs in Service Management with the MS Plug in for eIntranet.

Estimation and Timeline

During planning the project was estimated at 86 days effort, spread across DevTech, Applications Management and Project Services. It was originally planned to deliver in June 2014 and close the project in July. Both the estimate and the timeline slipped considerably.


This was a version upgrade, and from conversations with the supplier, we were expecting an improvement in the overall usability. This did not materialise. While Serengeti have made major changes under the hood, the end user can see little change in the new version resulting in marketing the service more difficult.

From the initial release documentation and communication with the supplier, it was not clear that the authentication technology was changing significantly this resulted in an increased in effort during the DEV build and a delay in delivering the DEV upgrade. We encountered several issues during the upgrade to each environment but Serengeti were able to resolve issues as they arose.

A major issue for the project was the changes to eFin and EBIS integration. The new authentication process resulted in the current integration no longer functioning. Integration with external systems now requires an EASE authenticated user not a single Serengeti user, this has led to an increased overhead in managing Serengeti users but Service Management quickly put a process in place to accommodate this change, It would have assisted planning had this been documented by Serengeti up front. There was an additional cost to the project in terms of effort at our end to investigate and work on a solution that was then implemented together with Serengeti. Indeed at a meeting with the key account manager Serengeti acknowledged that the EASE integration estimate was made without considering the work required. The additional cost of their effort was carried by Serengeti. 

Post LIVE deployment we have experienced several outages. A patch to supply advanced logging did not offer new information, however, configuration changes were picked up after several attempts and the system is currently stable. A patch which according to Serengeti will address stability issues and enable support of multi threading was expected in late 2014 but has as yet to be released. 

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 86 days

Staff Usage Actual: 117 days

Staff Usage Variance: 36%

Other Resource Estimate: 11220 days

Other Resource Actual: 11220 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

The original estimate of 86 days was increased to 117 days due to the issues described above. This represents an increase of 36%, which considering the difficulties the project incurred could have been much higher. This was achieved by where possible, work pushing work over to Serengeti.


In detail the additional time can be attributed as follows:

Project phasePlanning estimationActual
Project Management19.731
Post LIVE support09


Key Learning Points:

.The key learning points that can be taken from this project:

  • Although during the project planning, two longer telephone conferences were held with Serengeti, in future we need to ask more questions resulting in iimproved scrutiny of Serengeti's proposals. 
  • We should also request that Serengeti provide more detailed documentation during the planning phase.
  • Given our experience with the vendor, future projects should adopt a more pessimistic approach during planning.


Outstanding issues:

The office plug-in has not been installed as planned This will be taken forward as Service work. This can be attributed to the effort required throughout the project for more critical tasks (EASE, testing etc.) and also post deployment with system configuration changes.

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Upgrade Document Management System
ISG - Communication (COM)
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Tim Gray
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Alex Carter
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