Since the current document management set was implemented at the University, Kofax have revamped Ascent Capture (now version 10) and introduced a new licensing module as well as a server based administration. This project involves setting up a Kofax server from which the individual scan units can be much easier administered and the scan volume is controlled from a central pool. Any changes to document batches can be completed on the server and pushed out to the individual scan PCs.

With new DMS projects planned in 2011/2012 (IS HR and Finance mail room) there is the requirement to update the Kofax installation to the newest version and implement a Kofax server. This will save administration time when new projects come on board and save license costs.

The project should deliver the following:

  1. Install and configure Kofax Ascent Capture10 Server.
  2. Update all scan stations with an new version of Ascent Capture 10.
  3. Configure all batches on the Kofax server and push these out to the relevant scan stations.


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
November 2012 BLUE 49.0 days 46.9 days 2.0

Project Info

Kofax Upgrade
Z. Communication, Media and Web (CMW) (Closed 31/07/14)
Project Manager
Tim Gray
Project Sponsor
Mark Wetton
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