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Project Manager (Owner)

IS Applications - Project Services

Tim Gray

Production Management CoordinatorIS Applications - Applications ManagementHugh Brown
Project SponsorIS Applications - Service ManagementStuart McFarlane


Project Review

The project has been successful in that all the objectives and deliverables have been met. However this has not been without problems.

The majority of the Kofax server installation and configuration was completed as scheduled when Serengeti were onsite. A few tasks were completed remotely thereafter. However a serious issue was incurred during the scan client installations. Despite reassurances from Serengeti before the project started that our hardware was compatible with Windows 7 and Kofax Ascent Capture 10, it transpired that one of the two scanner models used was not supported. The University uses Kodak i280 and Kodak i440 scanners. It was the i280 scanners that did not have the required ISIS drivers available. One of these scanners is used in Estates Financial Control the other in Finance.

During the installation the i280 scanner in Estates was damaged due to the Firewire cable being hot swapped. The repair took much longer than originally anticipated, however Finance made their i440 scanner available to Estates to cover this period. (Dicom would have supplied a replacement scanner at no cost had this been required). Estates wisely decided to replace their scanner with the newer i440 model for long term business continuity as at that point in time there was no work around availble.The work around subsequently implemented for i280 runs on a non-managed Windows XP build. However, it should be noted that an operational scanner was available at all times.

Serengeti engaged the assistance of Dicom and Kodak to resolve the ISIS driver issue but as all parties were of the impression that a solution existed time was wasted on investigation and attempting different fixes. The issue was finally resolved by running Windows XP OS together with Kofax Ascent Capture 10.


Scope, Objectives and Deliverables

As described in the proejct brief:

Since the current set was implemented at the University, Kofax have revamped Ascent Capture (now version 10) and introduced a new licensing module as well as a server based administration. This involves setting up a Kofax server from which the individual scan units can be much easier administered and the scan volume is controlled from a central pool. Any changes to document batches can be completed on the server and pushed out to the individual scan PCs.

With new DMS projects planned in 2011/2012 (IS HR and Finance mail room) there is the requirement to update the Kofax installation to the newest version and implement a Kofax server. This will save administration time when new projects come on board and save license costs and is required in order to scale the service and make it available to new customers.

The project should deliver the following:

  1. Install and configure Kofax Ascent Capture10 Server.
  2. Update all scan stations with an new version of Ascent Capture 10.
  3. Configure all batches on the Kofax server and push these out to the relevant scan stations.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 37 days

Staff Usage Actual: 49 days

Staff Usage Variance: -32%

Other Resource Estimate: 1700 days

Other Resource Actual: 1700 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

One of the scan clients is running Windows XP not Windows 7 due to the aforementioned driver issues.

Key Learning Points:

There is little that can be done about the driver issue as both DiCom and Kodak sites stated that the scanner was supported under Win7 for Kofax Ascent Capture 10. This is the information that Serengeti passed on prior to the project starting. Serengeti only invoiced for the 3 days consultancy quoted before although they used at least twice that amount in resolving the issue.

Outstanding issues:

There are no outstanding issues.

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Kofax Upgrade
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