The Ageing functionality within IDM has not been functioning since the IDM went live and, consequently, there is a substantial back log of updates to be processed to allow all the systems and IDM in particular to have up to date affitialtion information on students and staff. IDM ageing was switched on in LIVE Thurs 24th October and only 50 records were processed in 7 hours in the first batch, as there are approximately 27,007 pending affiliations in IDM to be aged. The IDM processes were examined and parts of the system were identified as requiring some review.  

The aim for the project is to achieve a level of throughput to allow the backlog to be cleared and when the backlog is cleared , for the IDM ageing suite to run overnight as originally planned to clear any outstanding affiliations ongoing.


Scope, Objectives and Deliverables


Primarily, the project is to improve the performance of code and functionality of previously identified areas within the scope of the IDM ageing package. The objective is to speed up the process by creating new table to hold the driver information for service entitlements to replace to current view which is regarded as inefficient, perform a review of the SQL to identify any inefficiencies and ensure VRS is amended to update the new table. The specific areas for change are listed below.

  • Create a driver table for service entitlements called IDM_IDENTITY_SERVICE_DATA.
  • Change XML Handler to insert/delete from IDM_IDENTITY_SERVICE_DATA.
  • Amend the ageing package to use the new table as a driver rather than the currently used view and perform general SQL tuning review.
  • Amend pull views to use the new table rather than the previously used view.
  • Ensure VRS uses the service data registry, IDM_IDENTITY_SERVICE_DATA.
  • Ensure Notifications are only generated where necessary.

The deliverables will be the series of tuning and functionality changes listed above which can be assessed for their effect on the overall ageing process and be promoted to LIVE if deemed useful. Changes which are not deemed useful will be dropped from TEST.


The main benefits will be that IDM will hold correct and up-to-date information on identity entitlement as it was designed to do. Dependant services will also be updated with appropriate notifications as to the correct status of entitlements. 

Success Criteria

The Ageing Package within IDM can be run in a planned manner to clear the current backlog of updates, currently standing at around  27,007 affiliations. With sufficient tuning the back log can be cleared in 6 months by clearing 500 affiliations per night, assuming a 7 hour overnight run.

When the backlog is cleared the ageing package can be run as designed  every night to ensure all affiliations are processed  and are as up to date as they should be.


WIS are aware that the effort started before the brief was completed, hence the milestones presented below as the project currently stands

The work for this project is described in more detail in the JIRA for the project





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IDM Ageing
Z. Communication, Media and Web (CMW) (Closed 31/07/14)
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Stephen Conlon
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Alex Carter
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