Current Business Processes 1 - Current Paper Files and One-Off Bulk Scanning Exercise


ISHR have a filing cabinet with around 715 staff files in paper format (as at 31 July 2016). Each staff file is in a folder that is divided into the following ten sections, with relevant documents stored in each section:

  1. Contracts & Terminations
  2. Migrant Worker
  3. Sickness Absence
  4. Leave
  5. Learning and Development
  6. Oracle
  7. Grievance/Disciplinary
  8. Induction and Probation
  9. Recruitment Paperwork
  10. Miscellaneous

An estimate of the volume of paper files is as follows:

  • 715 staff files
  • Each staff file has on average 60 documents, spread over 10 sections
  • Each document contains on average 5 sheets of paper



Staff Files

715 x

Documents per staff file


Total documents

42,900 x

Pages per document


Total Pages



The paper files are in the following condition:

  • Stored in alphabetical order by staff surname
  • Divided into 10 sections
  • Not all sections have documents
  • A mixture of single and double sided sheets
  • Not all A4 sheets – some non-standard shapes e.g. old-style contracts and certificates
  • Not all same thickness – e.g. old contracts are on thinner ‘carbon copy’ paper
  • Staples and paperclips throughout
  • Some documents are in plastic wallets/poly-pockets
  • There are some microfiche files included - (these can be ignored and will be eventually destroyed along with the paper file)

Process Maps


Context Diagram