Current Business Processes 2 - ISHR SharePoint Site/BAU Processes


Documents to be stored in a staff file:

The current process remains as per section 1; staff files are in paper format and stored within the ISHR department. The ISHR SharePoint site has been created by Development Services and Service Management, and an initial round of user acceptance testing has been carried out by ISHR. ISHR have been trialling the test site using dummy data, but have not started using the site yet.


Staff transfers within UoE and transferring the staff file:

Where members of staff transfer out of IS to another area of the University, the staff file would be checked through by the ISHR team to discard any items no longer required. The staff file would then be sent in the internal mail to the new HR team, and marked as confidential.


Staff leavers and archiving their staff files with a third party:

After a minimum of three months from the date of leaving, the ISHR team would discard and destroy any documents that are not mandatory items to retain. The staff file would be sent to Susan McLaren in HR Systems. There is an arrangement in place for the files to be picked up by a third party company, Document Intelligence, on a regular basis. Susan also supplies details of the staff file name to the company. Document Intelligence pick up the files, scan them to PDF and upload to their own SharePoint site. Susan McLaren has view access to this SharePoint site.

Process Maps

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