Information Services Human Resources (ISHR) have a target date of 11 November 2016 by which to have their paper files scanned and converted into electronic copies. This is part of a wider IS initiative for the division to be a 'paperless office' in Argyle House.

A new SharePoint site for ISHR has been built to replace the ISHR filing cabinet of paper staff files, which will enable ISHR to meet the IS paperless objective. The SharePoint site has been tested by ISHR but has not yet been launched.

This document will record the business requirements in three parts for scanning existing paper staff files, finishing the development of the ISHR SharePoint site and ISHR's use of paper documents going forward as 'business as usual'.


  1. Document requirements for one-off scanning of current paper files and the bulk upload to SharePoint
  2. Document requirements for the ISHR SharePoint site for creating and maintaining IS staff files
  3. Document the new 'business as usual' processes for dealing with paper documents after paper files sent for scanning

Dependencies and Constraints

Certain business dependencies exist that may affect the project team's ability to implement the project, e.g. concurrent projects, unknown technology.  These dependencies are listed below so that they can be communicated and addressed:

  • There is a hard deadline of 11 November to have sent paper files for scanning
  • The new digital filing process must include adherence to the retention policy
  • The mapping of the processes must take into account the leavers process, where files are archived with a third party on an external SharePoint site
  • The mapping of the processes must take into account internal staff moves in and out of IS

Legislative Impact

This project must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The SharePoint site and scanned documents must be able to support ISHR in carrying out Subject Access Requests from IS members of staff


The terminology described in this document is explained as follows:

Document / FileSingle document (electronic or paper) relating to a specific staff member
RecordComplete staff details of individual employee (staff file)
FolderPaper folder containing one staff file / Folder within
SectionOne of the 10 sections that make up a staff file (paper or SharePoint). On SharePoint this is Personnel File.