ISHR are scheduled to move to Argyle House on 11 November. As part of a wider IS initiative to become a paperless office, ISHR must have sent their paper staff files for scanning before this date. This project will coordinate the scanning through an external service provider, as well as delivering the configuration and development required to enable batch upload to SharePoint via Kofax, and prioritised changes to the current SharePoint site to improve efficiency and usability.


The scope of this project is to deliver a scanned documents that are uploaded as automatically as possible into the IS HR SharePoint site. This may include making some changes to the SharePoint site as required. To ascertain any changes required for the scanned documents, business analysis will be completed. This business analysis will also look at the wider SharePoint requirements for IS HR. Where there sis time available we will endeavour to make any further configuration changes as per HR's prioritisation.

Out of scope

This project will not procure or configure scanner(s). However, this project will deliver the configuration for future scanners to use in Kofax. Scanning is limited to back scanning the approx. 700 files currently held in IS HR

Objectives, Deliverables and Success Criteria

ObjectiveDeliverableSuccess CriteriaPriority 
O1. Remove the need to transport paper personnel HR files to Argyle HouseD1. To scan the backlog of paper documents held by IS HR and automatically import these into the IS HR SharePoint site. The backlog contains approximately 700 paper files. Each files contains 10 sections with varying numbers of documents up to 200 pages. The back log of paper documents are scanned and available in SharePoint.Must have
O2. The second objective is to deliver a SharePoint site that meets the security requirementsD2. To implement the required permissions settings to the SharePoint site.All personnel files are secure only accessible by named members of IS HR team.Must have
O3 Deliver a site that can support IS HR processes going forward, thus reducing costs in both time and storageD3. To implement as many of the change requests as possible identified during business analysis to the IS HR SharePoint site. The number of changes implemented will depend on the time available after the import processes are completed.As many of the the additional requirements as possible are implemented according to their prioritisation during business analysis.Should have
 D4. To provide a scanning solution, configured in Kofax, so that moving forward, after scanner purchase, there is the possibility to bulk scan using Kofax or scan individual pages through MFDs.Kofax configuration is complete and can be easily rolled out to new scan workstations. Should have
 D5. Site administration is handed over to Service ManagementService Management can manage the site going forward.Must have


The main benefit from this project will be that no paper files must be moved to Argyle House, therefore saving time and space. The monetary value of this has not been calculated. A secondary benefit is increased efficiency through the use of a central, accessible from anywhere, repository for personnel files.

This project can declare success when all the paper documents have been scanned and archived in SharePoint.

When the IS HR SharePoint site meets the requirements as prioritised by IS HR, including security and access to personnel documents. 


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Document Management for IS HR
ISG - Communication (COM)
Management Office
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Tim Gray
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David Anderson
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