Closure Report

Project Summary

A pre-requisite to starting the project was the successful completion of the technical setup project COM022 and specifically resolution of JIRA COM022-29 (issue associated with a specific and unique type of course - jointly taught and varianted).   The closure of COM022 was approved by WIS on 18/11/16.

This project (COM032) delivered:

  1. Rollout of the Timetable on my Phone service to all students (estimated 26K students) - building on the work of the technical setup project COM022 (see COM022 Completion Report).
  2. Implementation and configuration of a dedicated timetabling reporting database (RDB) for the O365 feed
  3. Personalised view of what to expect in the calendar for students (based on a lookup of courses and per-School usage of Timetabling)
  4. Self-service opt-out mechanism for students who do not wish to have their academic timetable automatically added to their calendar
  5. Updated support and user documentation based on feedback during the roll-out process
Deliverable Priority Delivered?
Phased rollout of service to students (where courses and Schools use the centralised timetabling system), with initial phases focusing on first and second year students Must Yes - the data load to O365 calendars for all students (estimated 26K students) completed 13/2/17 (see notes from Deployment Review meeting 21/2)
Delivery of communications to Schools and student representatives as required Must Yes - delivered by both Service Management and Timetabling.
Delivery of personalised view Must Yes - delivered by the portlet deloyed to MyEd.
Delivery of self-service opt-out mechanism Must Yes - delivered by the portlet deloyed to MyEd.  Notification is emailed to Service Management when someone opts out (see JIRA COM032-20)
Implementation and configuration of a dedicated timetabling reporting database (RDB) for the O365 feed Must Yes - a dedicated RDB was installed.
Delivery of updated support and user documentation Must Yes - see Deployment Checklist

Outstanding JIRAs from COM022:

COM022-27 This was a placeholder for work to create a dedicated RDB for CalSync on a separate virtual machine. 

COM022-28 This was to put in place email notification in the event of failure.  The strategy for reporting failures was defined as part of this project.

COM022-15 This was a possible enhancement to include staff / lecturer information in the appointments. 


Yes - COM022-27 - completed; a dedicated RDB was installed.

Yes - COM022-28 - superceded by COM032-22.  Agreed that this will be closed and discussion with vendor will be undertaken by Service Management outside the project.

No - COM022-15 - it was agreed that this possible enhancement would not be included in the scope of the project


  1. The deployment of the updated portlet to MyEd was dependent on the upgrade of MyEd by WEB009.  This resulted in the requirement to revise the Deployment Review and Closure milestones, logged as PICCL Change 3

    The following was agreed with the project team and WEB009 project manager: COM032 would deploy the changes to TEST and complete UAT;  the changes would be deployed to LIVE under WEB009; should any issues arise during UAT then COM032 would remain open and resolve any issues as well as picking up the deployment to LIVE; should any issues arise after deployment through WEB009 these would be paid for by the support budget with the coordination picked up by COM Programme Manager (Tim); COM032 would complete all other project tasks e.g. documentation and move to closure after UAT.

  2. The closure of the project required to be rescheduled. This was due to a number of factors, including: availability of resources; the previous dependency on the Bamboo issue; upgrade of MyEd by WEB009, logged as PICCL Change 4 - approved by WIS 5/5/17.
  3. Priority of the project changed from priority 1 to priority 2 - logged as PICCL Change 5
  4. The closure of the project required to be rescheduled.  This was due to availability of development resources to fix the issue identified during UAT, logged as PICCL Change 6 - approved by WIS 2/6/17.
  5. The closure of the project required to be rescheduled.  This was  due to a delay in fixing the issue identified during UAT; automated emails to Service Management fail to be sent when a person opts out of the service - this requirement is documented in JIRA COM032-20, logged as PICCL Change 7 - approved by WIS 30/6/17
  6. The closure of the project required to be rescheduled.  This was due to work on MyEd upgrade continuing and therefore could not schedule deployment of updated portlet until advised of date of completion of upgrade of MyEd., logged as PICCL Change 8.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

The original project estimate from project initiation was revised from 30 days to 85 days during the planning phase based on re-estimates of the key tasks by the project team (see PICCL Change 1).

Staff Usage Estimate: 85 days

Staff Usage Actual: 85 days

Staff Usage Variance:  0%

Other Resource Estimate: £0

Other Resource Actual: £0

Other Resource Variance: N/A

Key Learning Points

  1. It was essential to complete the earlier technical setup project COM022 in order to successfully roll out the service to all students.
  2. Timetabling data structures are complex; data sets tend to be large, even for a small number of students and over a short time period.  Specialist skills are required to analyse timetabling data or data structures.  Sufficient time needs to be planned when there is a need to create test timetabling data or when there is a need to analyse the data.
  3. Building a good working relationship with the supplier (a focus during COM022 and continued into COM032) helped to ensure the project was prioritised within supplier’s workplan.

Outstanding Issues



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Rollout Academic Timetable Integration with Office 365 Calendar
ISG - Communication (COM)
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Copner
Project Sponsor
Alex Carter
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