Priority and Funding

Priority 2


Impact and Dependencies

There is an obvious dependency on resource availability in order to complete this project. This is nothing new but worth highlighting at that the main development resource in Development Services is also assigned to Digital Transformation projects. Project managers from these projects will work together and where possible move bookings to accommodate activities accordingly, more information is noted in risk log 7.


Project Risks


Ref Title Impact Probability Risk Status Risk Owner
4                                     Unforeseen technical complexities may arise Major                            Low                                        GREEN                               Open                              Iain Fiddes
6 Potential impact on downstream services.                           Major Medium AMBER Open Alex Carter
7 Availability of Apps Dev Resources Major Low GREEN Open Iain Fiddes
8 Availability of ITI resources Moderate Low GREEN Open Kenneth MacDonald
10 Funding not yet secured Major High RED Open Alex Carter
11 Potential Change of Scope Moderate Medium GREEN Open Alex Carter