In response to student demand for a more personalised experience at the University, the project aims to ensure that students make more use of their email addresses based on student name instead of username (UUN). Their “personalised” email addresses already exist but most students are unaware that they have a second email alias consisting of their name, in addition to the one derived from their matriculation number.


Until now the strategy has been to implement the personalised addresses silently and therefore these aren't immediately apparent in the University's email systems and communications. The scope of this project is to gather and document options on identifying and implementing the potential solutions for the personalised student email address, create a draft options paper and obtain approval of senior stakeholders and EUSA for the recommendation.

During the early part of the planning phase a draft options paper was written. Due to other pressing commitments, it has been agreed that the best option for a successful implementation is the option to create name based email aliases for new students only.  On the back of this agreement a business requirements document has been drafted and signed off Business Requirements Document


The objective of the project is to improve students' satisfaction/user experience by enabling students to make best use of their email addresses based on student name instead of username (UUN). 


  • Gather options and document business requirements, including:
    • Implementation and training/handover
    • Technology
  • Analyse an identify potential solutions the delivery of the personalised student email address
  • Identify the benefits and risks, costs and timeline, consequences and impact for the agreed solution
  • Create a Communication Strategy
  • Design solution
  • Consult with and obtain approval from EUSA for the recommendation.
  • Build solution
  • End to end testing of agreed solution
  • Deployment of agreed solution
  • Change management of agreed solution
  • Decommissioning SMS feed into EUGEX. 

Out of scope

  • With the introduction of name based email addresses, there will be areas exposed who currently use other format or hard coding of email addresses/aliases this project will not be responsible for resolving any issues encountered to fix these inconsistencies. Mail delivery will not be impacted, only display.
  • For all existing students to have name based email addresses this requirements will be included in a future project.
  • The passing of name based email address data back to EUCLID (student record golden copy) will be investigated as part of a future project.


  • All new students will have a more easily-identifiable and memorable email address.
  • The student experience is improved.
  • The outcome reinforces the message that the UoE continues to listen to student requirements.

Success Criteria

  1. Delivery of Options paper - complete
  2. Identification of benefits, risks and costs
  3. Delivery of Communications strategy
  4. Approval obtained from EUSA for the recommendation - complete  
  5. Delivery of agreed recommendation

Project Milestones at end of Planning

Target Datesort descending Title Stage Complete
31-Mar-2017                                         Planning Review                                     Plan                                         Yes                                     
14-Aug-2017 Integration review Integrate Withdrawn
24-Aug-2017 Design Review Design Yes
09-Nov-2017 Build Review Build No
04-Dec-2017 Acceptance Review Accept No
12-Dec-2017 Deliver Deliver No
09-Jan-2018 Deployment Review Deliver No
23-Jan-2018 Closure Review Close No