Build Test Summary


1. Open JIRA Issues (including any outstanding DEV Environment Issues)



  • Problem COM033-6Feedback for 'idstore_email_package.update_idstore_email' procedure (Component 3) 
  • Problem COM033-9Students can also have visitor staff accounts (tutors, demonstrators) - Can enter same email


Both JIRA's should be completed and retested during Integration/ Acceptance / phase


2. Closed JIRA Issues



    Problem COM033-1How many forenames do we add to a personalised email address?

    Problem COM033-2Changes to 'idstore_emailaddresses' (Component 2)

    Problem COM033-3Changes to 'idstore_email_unicode' (Component 2)

    Problem COM033-4Feedback for 'idstore_email_package' functions/procedures (Component 3)

    Problem COM033-5Has the IDM reconcile code been reviewed to consider whether any changes are required?

    Problem COM033-7Import script from SMSDIR

    Question COM033-8Should we also disable editing of emails in VRS for VSTU?

    Question COM033-10If change the primary email in VRS more than one - both emails become obsoleted

    Bug COM033-11Personalised email not changed when name changed in source system (EUCLID)

    Bug COM033-12Spelling mistake in advisory message in VRS

    Bug COM033-13Ensure all new tables are accessible via 'dsgbrowser' read-only view of IDM

    Question COM033-14After COM033 returning students will have a mail attribute present in CAuth (which won't be deliverable)

    Bug COM033-15Review how emails are displayed for returning students


    Bug COM033-17Remove dependency on EUGEX sending IDM the correct email format