Preliminary user/functional testing

Because we do not have a full TEST environment for Office365, the user testing of expected functionality needs to be executed in a 'modular' fashion to check that the individual steps and tests are tested fully. These tests (below) have been carried out by the project team as an early iteration of the UAT tests so that feedback can be passed to our developer in order to save time. The results of these tests are displayed below. The same round of tests will be executed again in November. once the issues raised through this first round of testing have been addressed.



Test Scenario and Acceptance Criteria              

Tested By          

Date Tested          

Outcome (PASS / FAIL)             

  Integration Tests      


New staff account - Check VRSIDM UI shows standard staff display.





New staff account simulated EDDIR entry - Check alias display and downstream notifications.





New staff account aged and archived - Spec for non-student accounts unclear so for UAT purposes Check mail alias status

Result: University mail entry retained.  May be technically incorrect for non-student, but may be intended for future use.



Check Result


Returning staff account - Check alias display and downstream notifications

Result: Account re-activated with original uun. University email alias re-linked. University email alias present in downstream service notifications.

HB   Pass

New Functional Account with assigned email address -  Check alias  display and downstream notifications

Result: Functional com033uat created. Email added. Identity and University email alias sent correctly including to Office365.  

HB   Pass
06 New Visitor Staff Account - Check alias  display and downstream notifications HB   Pass

New Applicant with home email address. - Check email address and downstream notifications.

Result:Account s9999975 created with Home address.  

HB   Pass

Archive applicant -  Check downstream notifications and email address.

Result: Account s9999975 archived. Confirmed Home email address removed.  

HB   Pass
  Revised Functionality Testing      

 New Applicant with Home email address. Promote to STUUG - Check email address and notifications

Result: Applicant s9999973 created with Home address jwilson3@zzz.zzz Confirmed email address jwilson3@zzz.zzz sent to downstreams Promoted to STUUG Email addresses assigned J.Wilson-40. Confirmed J.Wilson-32, J.Wilson-38 in historical table and remainder up to J.Wilson-39 in idstore_emailaddresses so J.Wilson-40 is correct Confirmed email address jwilson3@zzz.zzz, and (primary) sent to downstreams Added future application VRS/IDM UI Personalised email display incorrect 



Jira COM033-19 raised


New Applicant with Home email address. Promote to STUUG - Check email address and notifications.

Result: Applicant s9999970  created with home address Confirmed email address mtwain@zzz.zzz sent to downstreams Promoted to STUUG Confirmed email address assigned as Primary Confirmed mtwain@zzz.zzz, and (primary) sent to downstreams.

HB   Pass

New fast track student (no application). Alter primary and check notifications

Result: Created STUUG s9999969 . Email addresses assigned and (primary). Notifications (UniAlias) and (University). Alter primary and check notifications. Primary changed from to Notifications (University) and (UniAlias).

HB   Pass

New student with name typo

Result: Created STUUG s9999968 with name scott scotty mccleugh Mail assigned   (primary)  and Notifications   (University), (UniAlias) Changed forename from scott to Scott Mail assigned (primary),    and Notifications (University), (UniAlias), (UniAlias) Changed surname from mccleugh to McCleugh Mail assigned (primary),,    and Notifications (University), (UniAlias),, (UniAlias),     and (UniAlias),

Expected existing alias to be updated. Instead new alias was created.

Also Query check logic of surname only if no upper-case forename

JIRA COM033-20 Created



JIRA COM033-20 Created

Also check logic as detailed



New PGT Account-Multiple forenames

Result: Account s9999967 created with name Test Test Test Anderson-Anderson Email address assigned




But see JIRA COM033-1


NewPGR account

Result: PGR Account s9999966 created with name Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Alias assignged Simulate EDDIR email alias. Primary alias changed from to Partial Success - idstore_emailaddresses shows source as IDM which should be EDDIR.



Partial Success

JIRA COM033-21 created


Applicant becoming STUUG then archived then returning

Result: S9999964 created Email (University), (UniAlias), r.bilboa@zzz.zzz (Home) App and stu affiliations aged out and account archived. Emails retained, Return as app with different email Application created with (Primary), (UniAlias),  r.bilboa@yyy.yyy (Home)

Fail - legacy student email aliases assigned to Applicant.




Covered by existing JIRA COM033-15


New STUUG with non-ASCCI name

Result: Created account  s9999963 Éanna João        Muñoz jiménez Resulted in a primary key  lookup violation. Traced to characters missing from table idstore_email_unicode . Fail - JIRA COM033-3 extended to cover this.


HB   Fail - JIRA COM033-3 extended to cover this.

 Multiple Student progression

Created student s9999962 Added alumnus affiliation Aged student affiliation to deleted. Removed personalised email and reverted uun-based email to University. Created new stuug affiliation Result: email assigned as University Added another stuug affiliation Result: Email unchanged as required. Added another separate stuug affiliation. Result: Email unchanged as required.

HB   Pass

Expiring  student alumnus - new student affiliation

Created account s9999961 Added alumnus affiliation. Expired student affiliation Removed personal email address and reverted uun-based email to primary University. Repeated student insert. Result: Personalised email address created Expired student affiliation Removed personal email address and reverted uun-based email to primary University. Altered identity datemodified to simulate an dormant alumnus account. Created a separate student affiliation . Result: Personalised email address not created.

HB   Pass

idstore_email_addresses table.

Random check confirms that known IDM email addresses have been paired with matching imported aliases. All existing student values for Preferred are '1'. All existing student preferred email values for field Obsolete are '0' .

HB   Pass
  Remaining Tests      
  Re-test of failed tests      
   ITI Mail Relay/Directory extracts      
  Mail Alias API      
  Full end-to-end test