Closure Report

Project Summary

This project was initiated to continue the strategy of keeping Confluence version no more than a two point release behind the most recent vendor release.

Genomics Wiki was confirmed at the start of the project as out of scope.

In scope but classed as an optional “Should Have” was the database upgrade from Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 12.2, and was planned for in the original estimate. However it was not possible to carry this out as the Oracle 12.2 environment was being built at the time, and due to issues holding up the build this was not ready within this project’s timescales.

At the start of the project, there were problems in getting Wiki upgraded on DEV to the latest version. The upgrade would hang at a certain point each time. This was raised as a support call to Confluence on the 17th April and escalated up to a senior engineer to get a solution on the 27th April. An anonymised database was provided to Confluence around 03rd May as the problem could not be replicated. After further investigation, a work around solution was provided on the 16th May which worked and DEV was finally upgraded successfully on the 19th May. Alain from Service Management kindly took time from his holiday on the following week to enable the plugins and test DEV so we could keep to the requested UAT timeframe.

The delays in getting DEV ready had a knock on effect on the deployment date which was put back to the 11th July instead of 13th June.

During DEV testing it was noted that the plugin for Collaborative Editing was not working, and needed changes to be made to the web server config and EASE sign on. DEV was therefore signed off without Collaborative Editing in place with the view that we would revisit this, signing it off in TEST before project closure, and production could put it live at a later stage.

UAT highlighted some minor issues from users which were dealt with by Service Management and this was signed off as per the scheduled milestone.

We then revisited Collaborative Editing and a decision was made to have a cut-off date of 30/06 whereby if Collaborative Editing was not in DEV, we would not have the time to carry out the necessary testing in time for deployment on the 11th July. Unfortunately we did not make this deadline due to resource unavailability.

Deployment was started on the evening of July 11th and finishing it off on the morning of the 12th. This was a smooth transition and was opened up to public use ahead of the scheduled downtime. There was only minor issue identified by users in the days following the upgrade. This affected a single macro, part of a 3rd Party plugin, that was used fairly heavily across the Wiki. The issue was raised to the plugin vendor and resolved by a patch provided by the vendor on the 27th July 2017.

A note of thanks needs to be made to the project team for using past experience to make this a smooth upgrade, and especially so to Alain and Peter - Alain for taking time on this annual leave to enable the plugins for getting DEV signed off so we could hit our UAT period, and Peter for the out of hours work to start the deployment to LIVE.

Objectives and Deliverables

Objective 1 -  


Upgrade wiki service to the latest version of Confluence





Fix DEV environment by taking a copy from TEST

Must Have



Install latest version of the wiki (version 6.0.6) in DEV, TEST and

LIVE environments

Must Have



Refresh of the DEV and TEST environments with the latest Production data

Must Have



Updated technical and support documentation

Must Have


Objective 2 -


Test / Recode the IDM connector





Deliver recoding and testing of the IDM connector into DEV, TEST & LIVE

Must Have

Not Required.

Was required by previous upgrades, and assumed this would be the same. However on review when DEV was upgraded, it was found that the IDM connector did not need recoded.

Objective 3 -


Upgrade the database from Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 12.2





Upgrade 12.1 to 12.2 on DEV, TEST and LIVE

Should Have

Not Achieved.

12.2 environment was not ready in time.

Objective 4 -


To fully test the upgraded service and ensure it is fit for purpose





Thorough functional testing

Must Have



User acceptance testing of upgraded


Must Have



All the “Must Have” deliverables have been achieved.


There was no scope change throughout the project.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 63days

Staff Usage Actual: 53 days

Staff Usage Variance: -16%


Explanation for variance

The database migration was estimated and accounted for at the start of the project, however as we did not do this, the project has come in under the estimate. The upgrade ran smoothly and as a result most of the contingency was not needed. The issues surrounding the DEV upgrade hanging were looked at by Confluence with minimal input from Dev Tech, therefore there was a time delay in getting DEV up and running rather than more effort being required.

 As there is resource availability, we are using this remaining time in the 17/18 financial year to get Collaborative Editing fixed and tested so it can be enabled at a later stage.

Key Learning Points

Issue: DEV had hung at the same point each time during the upgrade.

Key learning point: Should this happen in the future, it was resolved by backing up and clearing out a properties database table, doing the upgrade and re-populating that table after the upgrade had completed.

Outstanding Issues

The database upgrade will be handled by the next upgrade project.

It has not been possible to put Collaborative Editing live in this project due to the complexity, this has been logged in a JIRA as will be picked up by a future project.


Project Info

Annual Wiki Upgrade
ISG - Communication (COM)
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Project Manager
Chris Konczak
Project Sponsor
Alex Carter
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