Priority and Funding

This is a normal priority and is a Compliance Project. 


Impact and Dependencies

Minimal impact on end users as each move will be at an agreed time.

Dependency on either students resources, which are constrained by max number of hours and PMO resources.  Recruitment of students as key resource for the project, which can take up to 8 weeks.

Project Risks

(Please copy and paste from Risk Log)


 Ref Title Initial Risk Current Risk Status Management Approach Risk Owner Date of Last Review
 1   Delays due to Student Recruitment   GREEN   GREEN   Open   Reduce   Alain Forrester  08-Jan-2018
 2   Delays due to new Project Manager Availability   GREEN   AMBER


  Reduce  Tim Gray  20-Dec-2017
 3   Inability to find a student with necessary skills   AMBER   GREEN  Open   Reduce  Alain  Forrester  17-Jan-2018
 4   Highly utilised web sites may cause disruption to users during migration   GREEN   GREEN   Open   Retain  Alain Forrester  17-Jan-2018
 5   Technical compatibility issues with ColdFusion or ASP   GREEN   GREEN   Open   Retain    Alain Forrester  17-Jan-2018