The legacy Windows hosting infrastructure (ucs-sequel & kb-iis-1) has been overdue for decommissioning for some time now. New infrastructure is in place to replace these but work has stalled due to resource availability.

This project will provide the resource to progress with that and have all content closed down or migrated to supported infrastructure.

  • Migrate windows hosted websites to an infrastructure that is supported.
  • Close down and decommission costly legacy physical servers
  • Identify and remove unused websites and databases
  • Build an accurate list of Windows hosted websites for use in the move away from ColdFusion.

A Wiki page has been created in order to manage, communicate and keep an audit trail of the status of each web service information.  As part of the wiki page, some guidance and information will be produced including migration cutover dates and impact on the users.

Current status:

                 1  New Infrastructure in place.

                 2  A partial Audit has been performed to identify all users involved, contact details, web details and                  owners.

                 3  Move of content for ucs-sql almost complete.

                 4. 95% of outstanding work is Html and communications tasks.


  • Migrate windows hosted websites to infrastructure running supported software versions
  • Identify and remove unused websites and databases
  • Decommission costly legacy physical servers

Objectives & Deliverables

Phase No Description




To move web hosted services to supported and new technology Infrastructure.

   Alain Forrester
  O1D1   completed audit of all web services and associated user contact details Must  Service   Management/Project   Services
  O1D2  Users contacted and agreement to either keep or remove the   associated web services, with auditory trail and WIKi page. Must  Project Services PMO
  O1D3 Move all agreed users web services to new infrastructure servers and remove agreed redundant services, with auditory trail. Must  Software   Services/Student   Interns
  O2  To reduce Infrastructure and maintenace costs, to sustain, despite  their end of life.
  O2D1  Provision of completion to Infrastructure Team (ITI) to enable   decommission procedure on servers. Must  Service Management
  O3  Reduce risk of failure of unsupported servers    
     Delivered by O1D3 Must  Software   Services/casual staff




  • Infrastructure and maintenance costs removed on decommission.
  • Stable web hosted services for end users.
  • Efficient service to end users as part of Service Excellence strategy 2025.

Success Criteria

  • All users and hosted web services are removed from old servers.
  • Users can access their required web hosted services on new servers.


Project Milestones

Target Datesort descending Title Stage
 19-Jan-2018  End of Planning  Plan
 23-Feb-2018  Business Analysis complete  Analyse
 30-Mar-2018  Design sign-off  Design
 02-Jul-2018  Migration complete  Deliver
 13-Jul-2018  Closure complete  Close