Bio User Group

Below are the User Stories that were captured at the Bio User Group on Tuesday 19th February.

The table is sorted on Category so that similar entries are grouped together.  Please note that some Stories have been split into two seperate entries for clarity.

If you feel that any entries are incorrect, or have thought of any more, then please email

Categories include: -

  • Access
  • Alerts
  • Audit trail
  • Data input
  • Ease of use
  • Master data
  • MIgration
  • Reports/enquiries
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Training/guidance


RefAs a  . . . . I want/need . . . . .so that . . . .Category
B58Researcherto be able to use this system on an iPad/tabletI have flexibility on how I record the materialsAccess
B59PIto access the system from anywhere in the worldI can check on my lab usageAccess
B13H&S Mgr.for new acquisitions to be flagged up Alerts
B30H&San alert that information on the system has been updatedwe don't miss important informationAlerts
B36School/site H&S advisoran alert of materials that are schedule 5/CWC Alerts
B40BSOthe system to generate automatic updates when returns are dueto prevent a deadline being missedAlerts
B15H&San audit trail on any and all changeswe can audit the info and who has made the changesAudit trail
B32H&Sthe system to be able to track who has updated into/accessed the system, in an auditable wayin case we need to identify where problems have arisenAudit trail
B45BSOlocations recorded down to fridge levelI know exactly there everything isData input
B46BSOmandatory fields entered even if 'none' or 'nil' or 'not applicable' for some(though not necessarily all) fields Data input
B60PI (or BSO?)to retrospectively register a materialI can record things that I forgot toData input
B61PIa choice of unit of measure (& confirmation that I've selected the right one)I can record things using the relevant units for meData input
B65Researcherother to be able to input  into the systemI don't have to spend my precious time on adminData input
B11H&S Mgr. for a very large campusa SIMPLE system, dictating MINIMAL time & effort to meet reporting requirements of regulatory agenciesreporting requirements can met quickly and easilyEase of use
B44Researcher/BioGM Officermy annual return process to be simplerit can be quicker but still meet legal requirementsEase of use
B53H&Sa system that is easy and the same across the whole UniversityPIs moving from one area to another don't need to learn a new systemEase of use
B55PIan easy way to register the materials I am using Ease of use
B56Researcherthe system to allow me to enter data easilythis will make it easier & quicker to use and more likely to use itEase of use
B57PIto be able to provide H&S with the info they want with minimum effort and burdens on my timeeveryone is happyEase of use
B66Researcheran easy system for recording organisms so it can be easily & quickly updated so H&S advisor stops bugging meEase of use
B7H&SSchools to be able to use the system easilythey are happy to use it, keeping the info up-to-dateEase of use
B9H&Sthe system to be easy to use, accessible by authorised users, user friendly, and will provide instant real-time data Ease of use
B10H&Sthe buildings & schools list to be updated from a central UoE list easilyI don't have to spend time doing it manually & to reduce chances of error in data entryMaster data
B16H&Sa centrally controlled list of materialsthere is less chance of mistakes in the data entry & is easily updateable if requiredMaster data
B48prospective userdrop-down lists to be well populated from the outset but capable of being supplemented on a leaning basis so that new entries become committed to evolving lists Master data
B52H&S advisoran easy transfer from our current biosafety database survey to the new systemwe don't have to reinvent the wheelMigration
B1BSAa list of all GM committees and GMBSOto distribute informationReports / enquiries
B12H&S easy overview of the totality and locations of all significant substances Reports / enquiries
B14H&S see if any specific PI had not made an entry in a long time, possibly suggesting that they are failing to report Reports / enquiries
B17H&Sto be able to easily see that Schedule 5 materials are in which buildings (including room no)to provide data to the policeReports / enquiries
B18H&Sto produce a wide range of reports on different high hazard materialsto record, analyse and report dataReports / enquiries
B19H&Sto produce an up-to-date list of all Schedule 5 materialsI can report to L&B policeReports / enquiries
B2BSAa list of Schedule 5 pathogens and toxinsfor police inspectionsReports / enquiries
B21H&Sto know which buildings have which substancesI can identify where these substances are by running a simple reportReports / enquiries
B23H&Sto report on material, location, school, building, researcher responsible, GM/BSO, safety advisor etc.for various regulatory purposesReports / enquiries
B24H&Sto see quantities of materials (esp. schedule 5) within a specific building (also School)we can monitor levels & ensure we don't exceed limits (even across schools)Reports / enquiries
B26BSAa list of all new premises that GM work is proposedto notify the HSEReports / enquiries
B27BSAa list of all containment level 3 and 4 labsto inform the HSEReports / enquiries
B29School/site H&S advisorto have access to all entries for all PIs or their nominated entry person Reports / enquiries
B3BSAa list of all hazard group pathogensfor HSE inspectionsReports / enquiries
B34BSAa list of all SAPO licencesfor HSE inspectionReports / enquiries
B35BSAa list of all GM notifiable projectsto notify the HSEReports / enquiries
B37School/site H&S advisorto be able to collect all annual returns from all buildings on my site Reports / enquiries
B38BSOto know what materials are kept in all the labs in my buildingordering and annual returns are easierReports / enquiries
B39BSOto be able to select data in single or multiple labsto allow me to look at individual labs or the school as a wholeReports / enquiries
B4BSAa list of all premises that have Schedule 5 pathogens and toxinsto inform the Home OfficeReports / enquiries
B42BSO/GMto know if this micro organism is already in the building/areaI can determine if it requires notification to the HSEReports / enquiries
B43BSOto make a list of GM projects - at different classeseasy to identify quantity & typeReports / enquiries
B49lab managerto know where my organisms are storedI can easily find & use themReports / enquiries
B50BSOto know about all GM project the Schoolcan ensure complianceReports / enquiries
B51BSOto know all microorganisms in School (& GM & schedule 5 & polio)can report to HSEReports / enquiries
B54PIto be able to see if a material I need is available elsewhere in the building Reports / enquiries
B62Researcher/BioGM Officerto know if my micro-organism comes under SAPO (specified animals pathogen order)I can meet legal reporting requirementsReports / enquiries
B63Researcher/BioGM Officerto know the requirements for containment levelsI can set up physical, engineering etc. requirementsReports / enquiries
B64Researcher/BioGM Officerto know the hazard group of the organism that I want to work withI can work at appropriate containment level (CL)Reports / enquiries
B25H&Sthe system to be secureno-one can access the system unauthorisedSecurity
B31H&Sdifferent levels of access for different people.  SSAS/BSOs would see their own School, H&S would see UoE overview Security
B33H&Sto be able to control who has access to the systemit is secure with no unauthorised accessSecurity
B5H&San electronic system that is secureun-authorised people can not get accessSecurity
B47User at any levelstability so that whatever emerges remains a settled feature and not something that'll be fairly constantly changing in the future Stability
B6H&Sthe system to be supported centrally by ISif any problems occur, help is at hand to fix itStability
B8H&San electronic system that is always available & updated by the usersI don't have to send reminders to ensure the info is currentStability
B67prospective user likely to be accessing/using this only infrequentlyan integrated guidance systemI don't need to be reading a user manual while I'm using itTraining /  guidance
B20H&San electronic system that users/BSOs can complete themselveswe don't have to send out paper forms?
B22H&Sto be able to contact authorised users in groups via email easilyso that it is very simple to contact people?
B28School/site H&S advisora system with no admin tasks for mecentral contact?
B41BSOto assign staff to labsI can contact them if issues arise with the particular substance they are using?
B68anyone who will be expected to generate reportsone system that pulls together all of the various reporting requirements (Bio, Radiation,, GM etc.)it's not just one more system on top of an ever increasing number of systems?
B69BSOrisk assessment requirements to be flagged up (both to me and the PI)we don't have to record this information seperately?


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