University Human Resources Services (UHRS) have identified a need for a university wide learning management strategy.  This includes a wider change to HR systems which is an important element of the learning management roadmap.

The Corporate Services Group (CSG) is keen to look in the short term at enhancing the quality and consistency of their learning and development tracking.  The Group contains a diverse set of departments working in different ways - some departments must retain training records for legislative purposes while other areas deliver training and would like to retain attendance records.  Some departments already work with a dedicated learning and development software package, while some are using a combination of other tools for this purpose.

Tracking learning and development was highlighted at the CSG away-day as a top priority for the group and this has been supported by the CSG senior management team.  Some funding has been made available to analyse needs and understand what can be achieved in the shorter term at the most efficient cost.

UHRS have been consulted in this process and will be involved throughout the project to monitor the CSG approach and how this may fit with the bigger university wide picture.



  • All departments within CSG
  • The aspects of learning and development related primarily to receiving and delivering training, and recording and tracking training
  • 1:1 meetings (these have taken place with contacts in each CSG Business Unit)
  • Group workshops (these are to be considered following conversations between the Business Analyst, Project Sponsor and Project Manager)



  • Analyse the current processes for capturing learning and development needs across CSG in order to inform a strategy for capturing and reporting on learning and development for CSG.
  • Provide analysis and recommendations to help inform a decision on a solution.



  • Written report on initial findings to Project Sponsor and stakeholders in Human Resources
  • Market analysis
  • Analysis of MS Sharepoint and MyCareer application
  • Software development estimates
  • Recommendation on preferred solution option



  • A collated view of existing processes across CSG arising from this analysis
  • A clear statement of high level requirements for a new learning and development system arising from this analysis
  • Increased efficiency and engagement with the learning and development process within CSG
  • Improved access to training records related to compliance
  • Consistent approach to learning and development across CSG (and aligned to university wide vision, if possible)
  • Focus on staff development and action oriented approach to learning and development


Success Criteria

  • Clear outputs from the analysis to drive decision on implementation approach
  • Insight into potential target timescales based on feedback from teams within CSG
  • Adoption of a consistent approach across CSG
  • High level of staff engagement with process

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Learning and Development Requirements for CSG
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Ben Armstrong
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Charles Hill
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