Project journal

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w/c 15th June 2020
  • IRM Configuration 
    • on-going 
    • development of Inventor Portal scheduled to be completed on 17/06
  • Training 
    • It has been agreed to reschedule training once the IRM configuration has been completed 
Andrew Stewart 16-Jun-2020
w/c 8th June 2020
  • IRM Configuration 
    • on-going 
  • Report Generation 
    • on-going 
  • User Acceptance Testing 
    • UT2 with TH completed 
    • Offline testing has been on-going but further concerns raised regarding 
      • the outstanding Inventor Portal
      • incomplete IRM configuration 
      • resource availability required for testing 
      • data migration to live 
      • verification of new reports given the limited data set on the Sandbox 
Andrew Stewart 16-Jun-2020
w/c 1st June 2020
  • IRM Configuration 
    • on-going 
  • Reports 
    • Draft overview of report with associated filters circulated 
  • Inventor Portal 
    • Outline design prepared 
    • Noted that
      • The Portal would now only be required to be used by the academics as the TT Team will undertake their admin tasks in SalesForce
      • The Portal is intended to be usable by Academics with no training or knowledge of the Technology Disclosure process
Andrew Stewart 16-Jun-2020
w/c 25th May 2020
  • IRM Configuration 
    • on going 
  • Reporting 
    • On going discussions regarding the TT Team requirement to generate local reports - which is currently outwith the Service Definition Document (SDD).  This requirement will form a recommendation from the project with regards to amending the SDD
    • The development of the reports has commenced 
    • The SalesForce Report tool has been enabled on the Sandbox
  • User Training 
    • Dates have been scheduled 
  • UAT
    Andrew Stewart 16-Jun-2020
    w/c 18th May 2020
    • IRM Configuration 
      • on-going 
    • UAT Workshops 
      • Due to the on-going configuration work, there will be the requirement to delay the first workshop by one week.  As a result 
        • UAT -1: w/c 01/06/20
        • UAT-2: w/c 08/08/20
        • UAT-3: w/c 15/06/20
    Andrew Stewart 16-Jun-2020
    w/c 11th May 2020
    • Weekly project conference call
    • IRM Sandbox
      • configuration on-going
      • TT team demonstration 
    • On-going view of reporting requirements
    • Training 
      • Collaborate demonstration
      • Commenced development of training content and user guide 
    Andrew Stewart 18-May-2020
    w/c 04/05/20
    • Business Requirements
      • As part of defining the business requirements, a further tab, namely; "working (reporting requirements) has been added to the spreadsheet to consolidate reporting requirements 
    • IRM Configuration 
      • Sandbox development on-going 
      • Arrangements to be made to enable early engagement by the Tech Transfer team to view 
    • Training 
      • Arrangements in place for Collaboration demonstration on Monday 
    • Project Governance 
      Andrew Stewart 07-May-2020
      w/c 27/04/20
      • Project brief formally signed-off by the project team and submitted to WIS
      Andrew Stewart 27-Apr-2020
      w/c 20/04/20
      • Project Team meeting held 
      • Business Requirements for Tech Transfer team completed
      • Documentation circulated outlining the differences between IRM Views and Reports
      • Training 
        • Initial training guides circulated 
        • Collaborate demonstration scheduled for Monday 11th May
      Andrew Stewart 21-Apr-2020
      w/c 13/04/20
      • Weekly project team meeting held 
      • SharePoint site consolidation 
      • Training template documentation shared with the project team 
      • Business Functional requirements document shared with the project team
      • Communications drafted for the Tech Transfer team
      • Project brief signed-off by Service Management
      Andrew Stewart 14-Apr-2020
      w/c 06/04/20
      • Meetings
        • Project Team meeting held on 06/04/20
        • Training meeting held with IS Digital Skills on 07/04/20
      • Project Planning 
        • Further updates incorporated into the Project Brief, Plan and Estimate
        • Project Brief signed off by Head of Enterprise Architecture
      Andrew Stewart 09-Apr-2020
      w/c 30/03/20
      • Project Planning
        • Brief updated and re-circulated 
        • Project plan updated 
        • project estimate generated 
      • Training 
        • Meeting scheduled for 07/04 with IS Digital Skills
      Andrew Stewart 09-Apr-2020
      w/c 23rd March 2020
      • Project Brief 
        • Completed first draft of the project brief
        • Circulated to the project team to review - 24/03/20
        • Meeting held to review the project brief - 25/03/20
      • Further meeting held with Head of Enterprise Services on 26/03/20
      Andrew Stewart 24-Mar-2020
      w/c 16th March 2020
      • Created a Teams environment for the project 
      • Commenced project brief
      Andrew Stewart 17-Mar-2020
      w/c 9th March 2020
      • Meeting with Business School to determine requirements going forward 
      • Project formally approved by WIS on 13/03/20 with a budget of 30 days.  As part of the approval, the project name was changed as noted in the Change Control Log - Issue 1
      Andrew Stewart 13-Mar-2020
      w/c 2nd March 2020
      • Project initiation meeting with project sponsor
      • Project website created 
      • Background analysis objectives prepared by Edinburgh Innovations and circulated 
      Andrew Stewart 06-Mar-2020

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