Priority and Funding

This project will ne 

  • Assigned as a normal priority
  • Funded by the Business School 


Impact and Dependencies

There will be an impact on how the new users utilise their business contacts within the IRM 

There will be no impact to any other system interfaces 

There is a dependency to complete the on-boarding prior to the current Salesforce license expiring in January 2022


The assumption is being made at present that the existing standard reporting capability currently delivered by the IRM will deliver the reporting requirements for the specified Business School users.  The subsequent risk to this assumption is referenced in the Risk Log - Risk 8 Additional reporting requirements defined 

Edinburgh Innovations have recognised the previous assistance provided by the Business School in the set up of the IRM and are providing 5 days technical assistance towards configuration and data migration.  Any additional effort may require additional funding from the Business School.  This is referenced in the Risk Log - Risk !0 - Additional EI funding required 

Project Risks

Ref. Title Description  Impact Probability  RAG Owner Management Approach 

Initial Project Budget not approved

The estimated cost of onboarding the specified Business School users onto the IRM cannot be funded from within the Business School  Severe Low Amber Gill Blair Avoid

Data Migration conflict

As the data to be migrated onto the IRM is maintained within three separate departments, conflicts may be encountered when

  • It is not possible to migrate certain data fields due to no corresponding field on the IRM
  • Data is deemed to be unsuitable to be migrated 
Moderate  Medium Green Gill Blair Avoid

Conflicts with IRM processes

The impact of new processes within the IRM may impact on the individual users from within the Business School  Moderate Medium Green Gill Blair Avoid

Project budget insufficient to complete project

Unexpected delays or technical difficulties are encountered which increases the overall cost of the project  Major Low Green Gill Blair Reduce

Unavailability of business users

Due to the on-going impact of the covid-19 pandemic or existing day to day time conflicts, the business users are unable to devote sufficient time to the various stages of the project with regards to 

  • Initial business requirements gathering 
  • system testing 
  • user training 
Moderate Medium  Green  Gill Blair Retain

Unavailability of CRM Service Manager

Due to unexpected circumstances, the CRM Service Manger is not available to devote sufficient time to the project  Major Low Green Alex Carter Retain

Unavailability of project Manager

Due to unexpected circumstances or conflict with other workloads, the project manager is unable to devote sufficient time to the project  Moderate Low Green Emma McNab Avoid
8 Additional reporting requirements identified  In completing the reporting gap analysis it is discovered that not all current reporting requirements can be delivered through the existing IRM standard reports  Moderate  Medium Green Gill Blair Avoid
9 IRM priority conflict Due to unexpected IRM priority onboarding conflicts, this project may experience delays  Moderate  Medium Green Alan Hughes Retain
10 Additional EI funding required  Due to the complexity of onboarding the Business School CRM users, additional technical assistance in excess of 5 days is required  Moderate Medium Green David Montreuil Avoid


Project Info

IRM Onboarding - Business School Industry Activity
CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Alex Carter
Current Stage
Not Started
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