Work/Task Breakdown

Task  Who Priority 
O1. Onboarding specified Business School departments to manage and maintain industry relationships from within the IRM    
D1.1 Definition of Business Requirements     
D1.1.1 Data mapping of existing Salesforce CRM data fields to corresponding IRM data fields Business Analyst / Business Lead / Service Manager Must 
D1.1.2 Complete Reporting Gap Analysis with regards current reporting requirements and the standard reports available within the IRM Business Analyst  / Business Lead / Service Manager Must
D1.1.3 Define business requirements incorporating the processes to be used within the IRM Business Analyst  / Business Lead / Service Manager Must
D1.1.4 Sign-off Business Requirements  ALL Must 
D1.2 Data Migration from existing Salesforce CRM     
D1.2.1 Prepare Sandbox environment  EI Technical Lead Must
D1.2.2 Configure IRM as required to support Business School data and processes  Service Manager Must 
D1.2.3 Develop Data Migration Process   EI Technical Lead  Must
D1.2.4 Define Data Migration  checks  Business Analyst / Business Lead  Must 
D1.2.5 Complete Data Migration checks and re-work  Business Analyst / Business Lead  Must
D1.2.6 Review Reports  Business Lead  Must
D1.2.7 Sign-Off Data Migration - Sandbox ALL Must 
D1.3 User Training and Familiarisation     
D1.3.1 Prepare user guide  Service Manager Must 
D1.3.2 Complete user training  Service Manager Must 
D1.3.3 User familiarisation of IRM environment  Business Lead  Should 
D1.4 Live Implementation     
D1.4.1 Update Data Migration Checks  Business Analyst / Business Lead  Must 
D1.4.2 Configure IRM for new users     
D1.4.3 Data Migration  Service Manager Must
D1.4.4 Complete Data Migration Checks  Business Analyst / Business Lead  Must 
D1.4.5 Review Reports  Business Lead   
D1.4.6  Sign-off data migration  Business Lead Must 
D1.4.7 Post live support Service Manager Must
D1.4.8 Confirm service support arrangements  Service Manager / Business Lead  Must
D1.4.9 Update system documentation  Service Manager Must
D1.4.10 Acceptance Sign-Off ALL Must


Resources, Skills and Costs

This project will require resources from, The Business School, IS Applications Service Management; IS Applications Project Services, IS Applications Enterprise Architecture 


Project Governance

A weekly conference call will be held with the members of the project team to monitor project progress 

Any unresolved matters within the project team will be referred to the project sponsor 

A SharePoint site will be established to maintain all IRM related documentation 

JIRA will be used to manage project related issues 


Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role
Alan Hughes  IS Applications Service Management Service Manager (Project Team)
Alasdair MacLeod  Edinburgh Innovations Development Lead (Project Team)
Alex Carter  IS Applications Service Management Project Sponsor
Andy Stewart  IS Applications Project Services Project Manager (Project Team)
Brendan McGuckin Edinburgh Innovations IRM Service Operational Manager
David Montreuil Edinburgh Innovations IT Services Manager
Emma McNab IS Applications Project Services CSG Portfolio Manager
Gill Blair Business School Partnership Development Business Lead (Project Team)
Jason Murphy IS Applications Enterprise Architecture  CRM Architect 
T.B.C. Business School IRM users  System related subject matter experts 


Project Estimations

Estimation Log


Project Info

IRM Onboarding - Business School Industry Activity
CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Alex Carter
Current Stage
Not Started
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority