Closure Report


The completion report has been written by the incumbent project manager, appointed in May 2018. Comments have collated from others who have a longer association with the project

Objectives Analysis  




(as stated in original Brief)

Objective Status

(Achieved / Partially Achieved / Not Achieved).


001 Design of the technical environment that will underpin the EDW service. Achieved
002 Design of the Data architecture strategy and guidelines for EDW Achieved (version 0.1 created) and to be completed as part of DTI021.
003 Design of the Security and Access control for the EDW environment Achieved. Licenses for Oracle Security to be switched on as part of DTI021.
004 Creation of the Oracle-based technical environment that will underpin the EDW service. This will encompass DEV / TEST and LIVE   Achieved
005 Creation (completion) of the Microsoft Server environment to support SSIS (TEST & LIVE environments already exist).   Achieved – a Microsoft server environment was built to support SSIS; however, a decision was made to progress with Open Source Talend in its place, thus this was no longer required.
006 Reference Data Acquisition   Achieved
007 Static Dimension Creation   Achieved
008 Evolve existing stakeholder organisations to support future EDW change and BAU activity.   Achieved. EDW service organisation designed.

Deliverables Analysis




(as stated in original Brief)


Deliverable Status (Delivered / Partially Delivered / Not Delivered).


D01 Technical Architecture Design MUST Delivered
D02 Data Partitioning Strategy   SHOULD Not Delivered – to be picked up in DTI021.
D03 Data Capacity Planning MUST Not delivered. It was agreed that capacity planning would be done as part of BAU activity, once data has been acquired. This is built into the service organisation RACI.  
D04 Development Guidelines: ETL Naming Standards MUST Delivered V0.1 – to be picked up in DTI021.
D05 Development Guidelines: Data Loading SHOULD Delivered V0.1 – to be picked up in DTI021.
D06 Development Guidelines: Parallel Processing SHOULD Delivered V0.1 – to be picked up in DTI021.
D07 Meta Data Design Strategy   Should Delivered V0.1 – to be picked up in DTI021.
D08 EDW Security Policy   MUST Delivered
D09 EDW Security Technical Design   MUST Delivered
D10 EDW DEV Environment   MUST Delivered
D11 EDW TEST Environment   MUST Delivered
D12 EDW LIVE Environment   MUST Delivered
D13 SSIS DEV Environment (TEST / LIVE already exist). NB. This deliverable may not be needed, depending upon outcome from DTI004 project. MUST

Delivered – Decision made to progress with Open Source Talend for data transfer rather than SSIS.

Tactical decision made to build SSIS DEV, in case it was needed.
D14 Organisation / Hierarchy Data Design (See Notes) MUST Delivered
D15 Organisation / Hierarchy SDS MUST Delivered
D16 Organisation / Hierarchy Build / Test / Deploy MUST Delivered
D17 Time dimension Data Design   MUST Delivered
D18 Time SDS MUST  
D19 Time Build / Test / Deploy   MUST Delivered
D20 Development Organisation: Adapted Organisation, Processes, Roles & Responsibilities. SHOULD Delivered
D21 Service Management Organisation: Adapted, Processes, Roles & Responsibilities. MUST Delivered
D22 Production Management Organisation: Adapted, Processes, Roles & Responsibilities. MUST Delivered

 Scope Analysis  




(as stated in original Brief)

Scope Status (Scope Delivered / Partially Delivered / Not Delivered).


S01 Creation of the technical environments that will underpin the EDW service. Delivered
S02 Acquisition of Organisation / Hierarchy data, as a fundamental EDW business data asset.   Delivered – but only current data, not historical data.
S03 Creation of associated technical documentation and guidelines, for use by this project and follow-on business driven projects.   Delivered – some items deferred to DTI021.
S04 The adaptation of existing development, service management and production management organisations to support future change and BAU activity.

Service model Delivered.

Actual service organisation to be created as part of later data acquisition initiatives, outside the scope of the EDW programme. 

Project Schedule  


The project commenced in May 2017 and was delivered in July 2018. The overall project schedule from initiation to completion is 14 months.


Key Milestone History  

Key Milestones Baseline Data Final Date
Planning 09/06/2017 28/07/2017
Design Phase Complete 29/09/2017 27/02/2018
Org Hierarchy ASOR 24/11/2017 30/05/2018
Infrastructure Build Complete 06/12/2017 26/06/2018
Acceptance Sign Off Review* 13/07/2018 18/07/2018
Deployment 08/12/2017 27/07/2018
Deployment Sign Off Review 03/08/2018 02/08/2018
Close 12/01/2018 02/08/2018

*New Milestones added in after original planning sign off.


Budget Analysis


Budget Evolution


  Date Changed Budget (Days)
1. Original 3 point estimate   150
2. Project re-plan (End of Planning) 09/06/2017 230
3. Project re-plan 04/10/2017 262
4. Project re-plan 17/01/2018 294
5. Project re-plan 23/03/2018 340
6. Project re-plan 23/05/2018 360
7. Project re-plan 20/06/2018 397


Final spend Analysis by Team


Team Sum of Actual Effort/1d
Project Services 114.7
Development Technology (Including S/W and SSP) 209.35
Production Management 11.7
Technology Architecture 31.5
All others 38.5
Service Management 0.7
Grand Total (Days) 406.45

Final spend Analysis by phase


Phase Sum of Actual Effort/1d
Build 167.75
Closure 0.8
Deployment 6.9
Design 89.1
Initiation 6.6
Management 130.7
Planning 4.6
Grand Total (Days) 406.45

(For more spend analysis refer to the following analysis – K:\ISAPPS\dsg\Projects\DTI006 EDW Implementation\102 Closure Report)


Reasons for Variance


Due to the bespoke nature of the EDW, The initial assumption was that EDW would be built using standard Oracle infrastructure. This has not proved to be the case, principally due to current requirements regarding information security.

This has resulted in EDW acting as a technical “loss leader”, with a lot of discovery and design work done that will benefit other future projects and programmes.

As a consequence EDW is the most secure and up-to-date on premise platform at UoE.

It is worth noting that staff industrial action also had a negative impact on delivery timescales.  As a result, we estimate this has increased the cost of the project by at least 150 days.


Key Issues  

  Issue Details

Excessive length of project

The planned project duration was approximately 6 months; however, due to various delays, this ended up lasting 14 months.

- A decision was made to build the EDW using emerging technologies and a new security model which resulted in a non-standard design being adopted.  This led to a significantly longer build phase.

- It was originally estimated that the build on the DEV environment would take 2 days which ended up taking 67 days (an increase of 3250%).


Lack of business analysis for initial data set

Due to the small size of the Org Hierarchy dataset used as part of DTI006, along with how it is used, it was decided that no formal business analysis would be required to drive the design and subsequent build.

 It was identified once the build had been completed that the project has not imported the historical data from the Org Hierarchy.  This needs to be addressed in a future project. 


Inability to complete documentation during DTI006 due to time constraints

Due to constraints on the project as a result of the EDW build taking significantly longer than anticipated along with additional priorities from other projects, some documentation could not be completed within the scope of this project.


All documentation had a working v0.1; however, the final versions were either slipped into DTI021 to be completed or were handed back to the document owner to be completed within business as usual.

004 Dependency on ITI During the build, various elements had to be completed by ITI due to the skill set required; however, resourcing had proved to be problematic in some instances due to additional responsibilities/training within the team which caused additional delays.
005 Organisational Hierarchy The org hierarchy does not currently pull through any historical data which may impact upon future data sets within the EDW.


Lessons Learned


  Lesson Details
001 Business Analysis on all data sets (regardless of size)

It was identified after the Org Hierarchy data set had been successfully loaded onto the EDW that there was a requirement to show all historical data, not just new data going forward.

It would be recommended that business analysis would be undertaken for any future data projects to understand the needs to the data set, regardless of size.

002 Collaboration between Data Architecture and Software Development

Due to the nature of the work being undertaken, it was important for both the Data Architecture and Software Development teams to work closely together on the design of the EDW.

A collaborate approach would be recommended for any future projects of this nature. 


Outstanding Tasks  


  Task Details
001 TNS Population. 'How To’ guidance to be created to support usage post ‘Go Live’
002 Deployment Activity Review of the deployment checklist for any actions to be picked up post Go Live (slipped into DTI021).
003 Technical Development Documentation

Working v0.1 has been created and will be used as a basis for updating living documents.  Final/next versions to be created for the following:

*TNS Population – ‘How to’ Documentation;

* ETL Guidelines;

* Data Loading Guidelines;

* Parallel Processing Guidelines;

* Meta Data Strategy.

004 Strategy Documents Working v0.1 has been created and will be used as a basis for updating living documents.  Final/next versions to be created.



Thanks go to the entire team who have persevered with this project over a long period of time.

Development Team Production Management Project Services Service Management Wider UoE
Iain Fiddes Heather Larnach Chris Lawford Alex Carter Dave Berry
Geri Grannum Julieta Pineda Mark Ritchie Andrew McFarlane Wilbert Kraan
Gillian Henderson Chris Cord Nigel Hedley Susan Cooke Jim Galbraith
Mark Lang Adam Wheavil Alison Armstrong   Craig Middlemass
Bill Lee Ana Heyn Stephen Roy   Peter Phillips
Defeng Ma Suran Perera     Sally Priestly
Rob Manley Stefan Kaempf     Garry Scobie
        John Grzinksi


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