This project will include:

  • Requirements gathering on developing EdGEL as a service, available at a University level
  • Workshops and stakeholder engagement focusing on how the EdGEL service should be run
  • Workshops to communicate how to use EdGEL, focusing on three types of workshops/tutorials.  The exact nature of these workshops would be determined by the results of stakeholder engagement and would be contingent on the deliverables from the 'EdGEL Technical Delivery' strand.  This falls under the service strand rather than technical delivery because while it contains technical aspects, ultimately these workshops are part of supporting EdGEL as a service. The outline format for the workshop types would be:
    • a design and brand-based workshop, which can potentially be tailored to audiences working with particular use cases, introducing the elements supported by EdGEL and how they can be used within a site/application;
    • a technical task-based workshop using a simple, pre-built application to introduce the EdGEL codebase and the elements it provides;
    • a drop-in workshop where attendees can get help using EdGEL with their own applications, either to apply EdGEL, or to work on a particular problem they're trying to solve (these sessions would involve both technical and non-technical questions, so not limited to developers).

This project will deliver:

  • Service Management plan, process and estimate of ongoing BAU costs
  • Process for delivering EdGEL University-wide
  • First pass improved version of the EdGEL website
  • Documentation of the workshop formats developed to support re-use of these as an ongoing communication tool to support users of EdGEL (ideally these would be supported by short tutorial videos to support users who may need this information when there is no workshop session available)
  • Recommendations for service level change control and future development processes

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June 2017 GREEN 47.0 days 21.8 days 24.4

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EdGEL as a Service
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