Rollout Steps

This implementation plan relates to the following JIRA fixes:

  • DTI020-29 - Create a notification archiving process
  • DTI020-193 - Remove Duplicate Notifications
  • DTI020-194 - Scheduled Jobs Stopped Unexpectedly Without Monitoring (under review)
  • DTI020-212 - Delete action creates notification if it doesn't exist
  • DTI020-215 - Not all exams are being returned from exams database


Bamboo plan release number x


Backout plan is

  1. Replace code with previous version
  2. Then run backout SQL script against the database (Backout SQL script is on K drive in the project folder under DTI020-29). This should be run AFTER the system has been replaced with the previous version.

Only DTI020-29 requires a database backout.


Please note : backout was successfully tested 03/07/19