This project is part of the BI Tools Programme within the Digital Transformation Portfolio.

One of the objectives of the BI Tools programme is to improve access to BI Tools. There are a number of tools currently used in the University. One of which, BI Suite, has been implemented centrally within an enterprise capable technical environment. It is supported through the Business Reporting and Analysis Service.

Two others Power BI and Qlikview have been implemented in a much more ad hoc way and have no formal support. In the case of Qlikview the University has a mixture of individual desktop licences and small business server and user licences. It is not clear how many of these are the latest version or supported. There is no formal support for users within the University.

This approach is a highly inefficient use of the investment in licences and means that the ability to distribute content is highly restricted. It would also be very difficult to incorporate into an effective support service or to apply effective information governance to reports

The aim of this project is to procure an appropriate mix of concurrent and specific user licences. This will allow users to be allocated concurrent user licences where appropriate and to redistribute named user licences to those for whom they are most appropriate.   

This is a small project to procure new licenses and to consolidate existing licences into a common framework.  

The implementation of the licences, the external support and the enhancement of the Business Reporting and Analysis Service will be managed through subsequent projects as described below.


Phase 1: Requirements Gathering

In Phase 1 the project will:

  • Establish and document the current position regarding the use of, and support for, Qlikview
  • Establish the procurement requirements for bringing the use of Qlikview into a robust, enterprise environment

Phase 2: Procurement

In Phase 2 the project will:

  • Agree the procurement approach. Discussion between the project manager and  the Procurement Team has identified that Direct Award of the contract using a framework agreement is the most appropriate route to market. If this proves not to be the case once we make a formal approach to the vendor the project will need to be reviewed and re-planned
  • Review the vendors offer
  • Negotiate appropriate pricing
  • Agree contract
  • Procure the licences and support

Out of Scope

The project will not carry out comparisons of different tools to establish best fit. The purpose of the programme is to provide support to the existing tools rather than to identify alternatives

Objectives and Deliverables


Phase 1




O1 Establish the licence and support requirements for Qlikview



D1. Statement of Licence requirements



D2. Statement of End user technical support requirements



D3. Statement of implementation support requirements



D4. Statement of production support requirements



D5. Approved funding model



D6. Approved Procurement approach M  
D7. Approved statement of requirements M  

Phase 2


O2 Procure the licences and support defined in the requirements

D1 Contract for licences and support M  



  • More efficient use of the investment in Qlikview through better use of licences
  • More central oversight of the levels of use and management of licences
  • Ensuring the use of constant versions of the tools
  • Enables the provision of central support
  • Supports the use of the tool with the EDW

Success criteria

Phase 1

Requirements are agreed and signed off

Phase 2

Licences are procured within budget and in timescales that allow implementation of the tool and support services


Project Milestones

Target Datesort descending Previous Date Title Stage Complete  
26-Jan-2018 12-Jan-2018 Exit Planning Plan No


09-Feb-2018 No date available Issue Requirements to the Vendor Procure No


09-Mar-2018 No date available Issue Purchase Order Procure No


16-Mar-2018 30-May-2018 Project Completion Deliver No


30-Mar-2018 14-Jun-2018 Project Closure Close No



Project Info

QlikView Consolidation (DTI033)
Digital Transformation - BI Tools (DTIP08) - CLOSED
Management Office
Project Manager
Jay Heer
Project Sponsor
Susan Cooke
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