In response to student demand for a more personalised experience at the University, the project aims to identify what improvements can be undertaken when handling user data associated with people and their usernames (known as Universal Username or UUN). The UUN is the name of the computer account which is automatically generated for a person when joining University of Edinburgh. The UUN is the username used to log on to most of the computers within the University, and to access web services.

A person may have more than one affiliation with the University meaning that they may have more than one UUN along with associated data e.g. a post-graduate working for the University will have a UUN as a post-graduate student and a UUN as a staff-member. The volume of users with multiple UUN has led to the identification that there is dissatisfaction with the current management of ID and associated data in the University of Edinburgh. There have been anecdotal identification of cases where there is an issue in the way that the data for personnel is handled and updated. To identify and quantify the issues that need handled, it has been identified that an analysis project would have two deliverables:

  1. An options appraisal
  2. A  decision on how to take Integrated Identities forward.

The options need to take the following into consideration:

  • Co-ordination of identity creation across gold copy systems via the IDM;
  • Impact on systems for HR, Student, VRS, CARD, Alumni and similar where identities are generated autonimously ;
  • Possible technical difficulties of implementation;
  • Impact of existing live records for persons with multiple UUN;
  • Impact on legacy records for persons with multiple UUN;
  • Imminent changes in HR through Core Systems;
  • The format of the UUN may need to change in order to accommodate increasing numbers of applicants;
  • Scale of existing changes within Student Record.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
June 2019 AMBER 130.0 days 71.5 days 0.0

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Define Integrated Identities Requirements
Digital Transformation - Integrated Identities (DTIP09)
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Hilary Shand
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Dave Berry
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