1. Approval Record


Check List Item

Quality Criteria

Complete Y/N

Reviewed By

Category and Billing Arrangements

  • Category correctly assigned
  • Billing arrangements agreed with all parties



Scope, Objectives and Deliverables

  • Boundaries for project clearly identified. 
  • Objectives and deliverables clearly identified.




  • All milestones identified




  • Five year costs identified including any recurrent costs 



Procurement Approach

  • Procurement approach identified and in line with established best practice




  • Five year benefits identified and realistic.
  • Realisation approach stated



Project and Service Impacts

  • Impacts identified
  • Project/Service management aware




  • Risk Register complete
  • Highest Impact/Probability risks identified
  • Clear and sensible Risk Management  Approach



Roles and Stakeholders

  • Project Roles identified
  • Evidence of appropriate Project Sponsor commitment
  • Evidence of IS awareness and commitment
  • Evidence of customer engagement



Resource Estimate

  • Credible estimate completed with appropriate engagement of all parties
  • Assumptions clearly stated
  • Required actions taken where estimate exceeds original project proposal estimate



Project Plan

  • Project plan exists and is credible
  • Evidence that plan will be used to drive the project




2. Approval Record


TOR Raised By

Project Manager

Date Raised

Date TOR raised

Date TOR Reviewed                              

Date TOR reviewed by project team and stakeholders                                                                         

Date TOR Approved

Date TOR approved