1. Deployment Strategy

  2. Dependencies

  3. Communication

  4. Deployment Checklists


Application checklist



Success Criteria

Project Stage Required (Agile)

OK (Y/N) Reviewed by (date) Outstanding Actions (Who)

Implementation Plan (including Rollback plan)

Implementation plan has been followed to deploy to Test and updated in case of issues found

Rollback plan has been documented.

DSOR (Release 1-n)


Implementation Risk Assessment

A risk assessment has been undertaken for the Implementation Plan and selected deployment dates.

ASOR (Release 1-n)


TAD/Operational Document

Documentation complete

Action: The Document must be copied to the Wiki

ASOR (Release 1-n)

Update End Of Life (EOL) spreadsheet

Review EOL spreasheet to ensure new versions and servers are updated or added to this list.

Sharedpoint with USG, CSG and ISG EOL spreadsheet

Current EOL technology register

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)      

System Design Specification (SDS)

Document complete and accurate.


Action: The Document must be copied to the Wiki

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


System Description Document

Document complete, accurate and it has been reviewed by Application Management


Action: The Document must be copied to the Wiki

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Scalability/Load Testing

Adequate load testing has taken place. The results have been recorded and analysed to ensure that the application will cope with the anticipated load.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)



The application has been tested against stated performance criteria. Performance has been assured by user and support staff testing.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Source Code available in GIT



Source code has been secured in GIT and Production branch is up-to-date

Action: ensure Production Branch created

Where code is provided by a third party (e.g. supplier) it has been established who is responsible to maintain source code


DSOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Configuration Management Database

The relevant details regarding new or changed infrastructure components have been added to the CMDB in unidesk

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Change Control(s)

A Change & Release record has been created in Unidesk for the LIVE implementation request and notified to GoCAB if necessary

 Action: Record Unidesk number

ASOR / (Release 1-n)


Test Log Review

A review of the test log (JIRA) has taken place to ensure all required actions have been completed.   If this is not the case, then confirmation on criticality of outstanding issues and action plan for resolution is required.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Application Management Handover

Handover to Application Management  and Development team is completed or arranged.

Action: record handover dates

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Support Accounts

Read access accounts or update current read access accounts have been set up for support staff(requires business owner approval)

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Password Manager (PMP)

InfoKeep has been updated with all relevant account details including external supplier  accounts

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Environment comparison

Database comparison between TEST and LIVE (might be required before and after go-live)

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Client requirements

Does the application have specific client requirements, such as JVM/JRE versions, JInitiator etc

If so have these requirements been raised with Desktop services

Wiki pages to be updated:



ASOR (Release 1-n)



Is there any new software or technologies involved? (Y/N)

If yes state any additional actions taken to ensure adequate handover to the production support team

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Access outside University

By default all web based applications are accessible outside University without use of VPN etc Wiki list

If not accessible from outside University this needs to be approved by Production Management.

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Vendor Access Required

Does vendor require db/app access (Y/N)

If yes, ensure access details are in TAD

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)



All changes to certificates or new certificates for this service have to be added to the certificate master list. The certificate master list is being managed by Applications Management This includes TEST and LIVE certificates and records type of certificate and expiry dates.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Deployment Date(s)

Agreed date has been confirmed that allows adequate time for completion of Acceptance Sign Off Review.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Deployment Resources

IS and business area resources required for deployment, including those needed for post implementation checking and sign off have been secured.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Deployment Ownership

Responsibilities for managing the go-live, including: comms with service owner and end users, ensuring go live timescales are met, managing issues arising and managing comms between all teams involved in go live.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Service Announcement(s)

A Service announcement has been raised with the agreed deployment date on the alert system:


Service announcements should be raised by Project Manager 10 days before go live, but no later than 4 days.

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Reporting and Analytics

New BI Universes or substantial changes to Universes/report offerings need to be documented in the Information Portal managed by GaSP.

ASOR (Release 1-n)

24x7  monitoring setup Consider if a new application needs to be added to 24x7 monitoring tool ASOR (Release 1-n)      


Infrastructure checklist



Success Criteria

Project Stage Required (Agile)

OK (Y/N) Reviewed by (date) Outdstanding Actions (Who)

Technical Architecture/Operational Document(TAD)

Documentation complete and accurately reflects the environment subjected to UAT.


ASOR (Release 1-n)



All security requirements, e.g. SSL encryption, IP based restrictions firewall requirements have been specified, tested and implemented in LIVE

ASOR (Release 1-n)


User Accounts



Ensure that all applications have an agreed patching schedule and this schedule is agreed with service owners. Different technologies have different patching strategies:

Action update wiki: WindowsLinux

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Start/Stop scripts

Are Server Start-up/Shutdown scripts in place?

Including start-up procedure documented, enabled and tested

ASOR (Release 1-n)



Port allocation file been updated:

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Backup and Recovery

All backups as noted in the TAD need to be confirmed operational.


A test recovery of user data needs to be done to validate the integrity of the recovery mechanism and process.

ASOR (Release 1-n)


DR Copy

DR copy to SECONDARY DB configured and tested (unless existing database which is already setup).




For all logs the following is in place:

  • Logs are rotated and old logs are archived or deleted to ensure server space is not reached

  • In production only minimal levels of logging is switched on (debug may be adequate on DEV, but not on Production)

ASOR (Release 1-n)

Decommission If project deploying new server make sure old servers are being decommission including removing passwords from PMP and patching restart Wiki ASOR (Release n)      
Servers are being scanned by Nessus Check that new and existing servers are being scan by Nessus ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)      

Technology Management Handover

Handover to Technology Management  and Development Technology is completed or arranged.

Action: record handover dates

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)



Support checklist



Success Criteria

 Project Stage Required (Agile)

OK (Y/N) Reviewed by (date) Outdstanding Actions (Who)

Support Agreement (including any charging arrangements)

A support agreement OLA is in place for any new applications – including any hosting or support charges. Where external suppliers are involved an SLA should be in place as well.


Action: SLA  moved to wiki:

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)

AppCatalogue updated

For new and existing application update the Appcatalogue

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)      

Time Recording Code

A Time Recording code for the application, if required, has been confirmed and set up (in ASTA)

Action: Does application require a separate entry for business area in ASTA

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Appropriate DR/BC provision is in place and has been fully tested. Application DR/BC details have been transferred to the DR Portfolio and DR level (1, 2 or 3) has been agreed

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Test Environment

An adequate TEST environment has been established for the application which may be used by support to test future changes prior to releasing these in the LIVE environment.

ASOR (Release 1-n)


Hardware and Software Licensing

All required licensing is in place including maintenance/support arrangements with external suppliers.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility has been tested and compatibility information updated


 for details

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Portal Compatibility

Portal compatibility, where required, has been confirmed the Portals Service Owner.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Help Desk

The new application is recognised with the UniDesk (A business contact queue is defined where initial calls are raised with)

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


User Guide Documentation

Appropriate documentation has been produced for users of the new application.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Training Material

Training material, if required, has been produced and is of an appropriate standard.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Demonstration or Walkthrough

Demonstration or walkthrough of the new application has taken place for other stakeholder.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Web Sites and Other Document Sources

External and internal web sites have been reviewed to ensure that all application references are present, correct and up to date.

ASOR (Final Release  / Handover)


Project Info

Embed and Optimise Document Management System
Digital Transformation - Document Management (DTIP07)
Management Office
Project Manager
Don MacIver
Project Sponsor
Catherine Hetherington
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