The HR datamart will support Strategic reporting through the transition from the legacy HR system to the new People & Money system

DTI049 is running as an agile project to deliver the HR datamart in multiple releases :


Release 1 Alpha   to Test -  Oct 2020 - first release for Legacy  Current-Last data only, plus Power Bi 'proof-of-concept'  (DONE)

Release 1 Beta  to Test -   April 2021 - Current-Last plus 10 years of Monthly snapshots of legacy data , plus scaled-up Power BI Publishing solution  (DONE)

Release 1 Legacy Data MVP to Live - 7-Sept 2021 -  Beta release 6-years history of monthly snapshots - plus bug fixes from UAT  (DONE)

Release 2a New daily data feed from People & Money MVP - 4-March 2022 - Daily incremental loads of the HR changes from new People & Money system (DONE)

Release 2b  - Target 30-May 2022 - HR funding data - showing what % of each salary is funded from different sources (DONE)

On project closure, Backlog - including Absence / Parental leave data needed for Athena Swan  equality analysis - will transfer to BAU team and new governance group who will manage the future BI team / EDW roadmap and priority of new work in the BI team pipeline


The DTI049 scope includes the business analysis / user engagement tasks to understand the gaps and limitations  in the existing PPIPMI  datamart  that constrains current HR strategic reporting now.

The ambition is that the new HR Strategic reporting solution will standardise the calculations that underpin HR strategic reporting and  will move much of the  ETL heavy lifting from local BI Developers  to the EDW. This should make it easier for MI analysts and BI Tools experts to build new dashboards and reports to answer the important business questions , without each analyst having to locally apply the same complex transformations to raw HR data.

The HR datamart will have front-end access and authorisation via a Power BI publishing model ( replacing the legacy access to PPIPMI data via BI suite business objects)



Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2022 BLUE 2,100.0 days 2,133.0 days 0.0

Project Info

HR Datamart for Strategic Reporting
People and Money BI/MI Datamarts (DTIP011)
Management Office
Project Manager
Jamie Thin
Project Sponsor
Lynda Hutchison
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