Work/Task Breakdown

Set out the User Profile for the university as regards required usage by speaking to the college heads of IT and colleagues and specific schools where appropriate, as well as representatives from USD and LTW. Present the Business Requirements back to the Colleges, Schools and Support Groups for approval and sign-off of the User Profile and the business requirement.

Engage a consultant to present options and recommendations for the university based on the business needs, current technology stack, review of existing systems that provide similar services, within context of the future strategy. This includes visualsation of the solution (mock-ups, prototype, whatever).


If working or enhacing existing technology stack then work with the consultant to take the User Profile to inform the ITT, procure a software and services solution to satisy the business requirements.


If procurement is recommended and accepted work with the consultant to take the User Profile to inform the ITT, procure a software and services solution to satisy the business requirements.

Set out Tender and Award Contract.  

As recommended by the winning supplier, purchase the hardware required for the solution before end of financial year.

Work with Consultant to help configure the environments to deliver the Pilot.

Implement the solution on Windows 10, once DTP003 delivers.

See the Plan Log for latest project planning including Gannt Charts.



Resources Skills and Cost

All Edinburgh technical expertise supplied by ITI. Resource from Apps to set out the User Profile.

ITI will engage an external specialist to advise on the choice and implementation of technical solutions that meet the requirements.

Capital and other Costs can be provided.  



No specific tolerances set - PM will have regular updates to Sponsor.

There are no specific limits set in terms of resource.

Issues regarding ITI people resource  will be escalated to Senior Supplier, Graham Newton and Sponsor, Tony Weir. Any change to the capital costs will be escalated to Tony.




The milestones are a key tool in ensuring that the project process itself is followed as set out by ITI, and that the product deliverables are to the required Quality.


MilestoneSign-Off meansAccountable for Sign-Off

Start of Project

Project can begin, is in line with Programme and Portfolio priority, has resource

Sponsor, Programme Manager

End of Planning

Project Brief, Plan, Estimated Budget, Risks - all approved. Project has resource approved by section head for the estimated effort. Project has budget for other costs.

Sponsor, PM, Section Head(s)

End of Analysisquality of analysisConsultant
End of Designquality of designSenior Supplier Technical Lead
End of Buildquality of buildSenior Supplier Technical Lead
Acceptancequality of deliverable Consultant College, LTW, USD Stakeholders  
Securitydeliverable satisifies security - new technology will reqiure explict design, build and test Section Head


Change to Service can proceed

Sponsor, PM

Handover to Supportsupport can take over running of the ServiceCollege, LTW, USD Stakeholders


Project Can close

Sponsor, PM


See Communication (wiki supporting pages) for Communication Plan.


Project Info

Apps Ed
ITI - Desktop Services (DST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Gail Devaney
Project Sponsor
Anthony Weir
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority