Report for June 2018

Report Date
June 2018


Project has been re-planned, however there is still uncertainty regarding a number of the items on the critical path. 

Project is AMBER as we now have a plan in place for the outstanding build/technical testing tasks and 2 out of the 3 UAT groups have committed to trying to compete UAT by the end of July.

A Softcat consultant has been booked to come back on site w/c 23rd July to assist with the outstanding build tasks, help with the execution of the technical testing and finalise a number of critical documentation tasks.

The Technical Testing plan that was agreed with Enterprise is tentatively schedule in for starting w/c 23rd July, however the on-going uncertainty regarding the CIX05 (Brocade project) and what resources will be needed from the ENT team to complete that work puts the current schedule in doubt.


Achievements in Last Period

  • Dates agreed for completing build and technical test tasks.
  • Agreement from the majority of user groups to try and complete the UAT by end of July (to mid August with contingency)
  • The low-level design (LLD) and technical architecture document (TAD) ave been finalised - with the internal UoE stakeholder groups for review/approval.
  • Branding of the login pages and storefront have been agreed - to be applied to the storefront servers as a final step (part of the w/c 23/07 piece)
  • Technical and user documentation issued, including UAT test strategy to assist the UAT effort
  • TestRail project setup for test scripting and execution
  • Communications plan issued for review
  • Engagement with training, helpdesk, production support and accessibility teams on-going
    • EqIA has been approved and issued
    • PIA has been drafted, with service owner for comment
    • OLA has been drafted, with stakeholder groups for comment
    • Training (for helpline and end users) to be confirmed - initial meeting with training provider (Global Knowledge) held. To be confirmed with Global Knowledge what we would like and when by 06/07.


Issues and Risks 

  • Risks: see risks log for up to date risk information
  • Issue: see Project Issues and Change Control Log (PICCL) for up to date issue information


Next Steps

  • See scripting and execution activities starting in July
  • Finalisation of PIA and OLA documentation in July
  • Approval of communications plan in July
  • Complete build tasks in July
  • Start technical testing tasks in July
  • Creation of training material to get underway in July, timescale for delivery TBC
  • Confirm process for getting website setup for the service on the Information services website


Future Milestones

See milestones section for project on projects website

Project Status
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Issue : Project is AMBER as there is still uncertainty around the ability to meet the dates against a number of the key milestones. These open issues present a highly probable risk that we will not be in a position to launch the service in time for start of term.
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ITI - Desktop Services (DST)
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