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 Developer Tests and Outcomes

SDS Ref: 4.2 - ECA010-2 Alter Aggregation Screen to Encourage Examiner Input


All eligible non contributing projects (project types PRG/PRT/PNA) are displayed in a separate section at the top of the grades aggregation screen.

Project eligibility criteria:

  • student is enrolled on project
  • project is for relevant academic year
  • project type = PRG/PRT/PNA
  • project has 'resit' flag (for resit grade types)
  • project does not have 'resit' flag (for non resit grade types)
  • project startdate is later than 20th May (for semester 3 types)
The form to grade the student's enrolled courses is split into separate sections, with a 'Save Final Grade' button for each course.Pass 
When a course is graded the user is returned to the grades aggregation screen.Pass 
All appropriate DB structures are updated when course is graded (see SDS for ERD).Pass 
For graded courses, the submitted grades are displayed as checkmarks, and the comment is displayed if it was defined.Pass 
For graded courses, the 'undo grading' button is displayed for admin users.Pass 
For graded courses, the 'undo grading' button is not displayed for non admin users.Pass 
Clicking the 'undo grading' button will undo the grades and return the user to the grades aggregation screen.Pass 

Existing validation on grading courses is retained:

  • If one 'AN' grade is selected, all LOs must be set to 'AN'
  • All LOs must be graded
  • Comment is optional
The shading for recommended grades for each course is retained. This shading is also displayed on the displays for graded courses.Pass 


SDS Ref: 4.3 - ECA010-3 Changes to Manage Grades Page

A toggle is displayed within each aggregated grades display section, which can be expanded to show a list of all eligible projects, grouped into non-contributing (first) and contributing (second).Pass 
Buttons are updated on the aggregate grades display dialog:
  • Update aggregate title Grades
  • Confirm
  • Delete all grades
Confirm and Delete buttons remain visible to admin users only.Pass 
All of student's enrolled courses are displayed in the aggregate grades display. Courses which have not yet been graded will show - for each LO grade.Pass 
"Create End of Session Grades" button is no longer visible. A set of aggregated End of Session grades is displayed even if no grading has yet taken place.Pass 
Pressing Delete all grades button will remove the entire structure from the DB and return the view to the default (- for all LOs for end of session grades, or removed altogether for other gradeset types)Pass 

SDS Ref: 4.4 - ECA010-4 Display comments in Yellow board

Comments are shown alongside the course on the yellow board report, where a comment has been included.Pass 

SDS Ref: 4.5 - ECA010-5 Remove Blue boards

The blue board control panel is no longer displayed for admin users. *Except in cases where one or more students has been previously advanced to the blue board.Pass 
The workflow correctly advances grades to red board following yellow board confirmation.Pass 
The workflow correctly unconfirms grades back to yellow board following a red unconfirm.Pass 
The workflow for 'legacy' gradesets which may have already reached blue board is not broken.Pass 

SDS Ref: 4.6 - ECA010-6 Update mapping on course export

Courses with overall grade 'AN' are given 'AN' grade on the course exports.Pass 

SDS Ref: 4.7 - ECA010-7 Capture of comment on degree classification

A dropdown for award text is available on final year cohort red board edit screen.Pass 
The dropdown is not visible for non-final year cohorts.Pass 
The dropdown is optional, it can be left as 'None'.Pass 
The selected option is saved and displayed on the student view screen, and the edit red board screen.Pass 

SDS Ref: 4.8 - ECA010-8 XML output for programme awards

The export data buttons are available on the red board control panel for cohorts who have at least one student confirmed by red board.Pass 
The export XML button delivers a download of the XML file.Pass 
The XML conforms to the specification in the SDS.Pass 
The classification codes correctly map from the portal values to EUCLID values.Pass 


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ECA Portal Exam Board Enhancements
CAHSS Portfolio Projects
Project Manager
Craig Middlemass
Project Sponsor
Alan Murray
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