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SDS Ref: 4.2 - ECA010-2 Alter Aggregation Screen to Encourage Examiner Input


All eligible non contributing projects (project types PRG/PRT/PNA) are displayed in a separate section at the top of the grades aggregation screen.

Project eligibility criteria:

  • student is enrolled on project
  • project is for relevant academic year
  • project type = PRG/PRT/PNA
  • project has 'resit' flag (for resit grade types)
  • project does not have 'resit' flag (for non resit grade types)
  • project startdate is later than 20th May (for semester 3 types)
The form to grade the student's enrolled courses is split into separate sections, with a 'Save Final Grade' button for each course.pass 
When a course is graded the user is returned to the grades aggregation screen.pass 
All appropriate DB structures are updated when course is graded (see SDS for ERD).pass 
For graded courses, the submitted grades are displayed as checkmarks, and the comment is displayed if it was defined.pass 
For graded courses, the 'undo grading' button is displayed for admin users.pass 
For graded courses, the 'undo grading' button is not displayed for non admin users.pass 
Clicking the 'undo grading' button will undo the grades and return the user to the grades aggregation screen.pass 

Existing validation on grading courses is retained:

  • If one 'AN' grade is selected, all LOs must be set to 'AN'
  • All LOs must be graded
  • Comment is optional



possible to submit without grade on all LO's optional comment needs max length validation
The shading for recommended grades for each course is retained. This shading is also displayed on the displays for graded courses.pass 

SDS Ref: 4.3 - ECA010-3 Changes to Manage Grades Page



Project Data:

  • Correct academic year displayed at top of screen
  • Correct courses displayed above aggregated gradings
  • Create resit button displays
  • Collapsed grade listing(s) displays correctly
  • On click, aggregated grading expands correctly.

Aggregated Data:

  • Aggragate window hides contributing projects, provides link to expand
  • student name and date displays
  •  All table headings/structure displayed correctly.
Table displays correct course code and name, correct student grades are displayed. Dashes should be displayed where no grading is present.pass 
"Update all grades" button displays for for admin and non admin (staff) users.pass 
"Delete all grades" button displays to admin users only.pass 
"Confirm" button displays to admin users only.pass 
Clicking "view x projects contributing to assesment" link will expand the view to display graded learning outcomes for each projects courses.pass 
Clicking the "update end of session grades" will direct user to the aggregate grades screen.pass 
Clicking "Delete all grades" will prompt the user to confirm intent to delete grades before finally deleting them.pass 
Deleted grades are removed from the unfderlying database structure.pass 

SDS Ref: 4.4 - ECA010-4 Display comments in yellow board



Screen meta data:

  • heading displays correct "exam yellow board report" followed by correct course name, type (UGT x) and course code
  • correct academic year displayed alongside course title (ie "end of session")
  • Table presented for each student record
  • tables display correctly with columns for year, student (matric number and name), LOs and comment.
Table data correctly lists applicable courses and grades for each.pass 
Where comment exists in aggregate_submission table it must be displayed in the comment column of the table.pass 

SDS Ref: 4.5 - ECA010-5 Remove blue boards



Screen Meta data:

  • Correct heading displayed (academic year, course name, yeargroup)
  • Exam board displays yellow and red boards, blue no longer shows by default.
  • Student/status/manage table is displayed correctly
In the case of historic (up to and including academic year 12/13) data the blue board is still displayed however buttons to control worklfow (red/blue/yellow confirmation) have been removed.pass 
Blue board confirmation is no longer presented as an option in the lower table.pass 
manage function works as normal.pass 

SDS Ref: 4.6 - ECA010-6 Update mapping on course export


Produced export file classifies "AN" coded LOs as fails in addition to "A" and "E".pass 

SDS Ref: 4.7 - ECA010-7 Capture of comment on degree classification

Section applies updates to three views:




Comment area and any stored comment must appear in the 7.editgradeset viewpass 
Comment area and any stored comment must appear in the 3.viewstudent viewpass 
Comment area and any stored comment must appear in the 9.redReport viewpass 
All views should only displayed to users of final year cohort and not to continuing cohorts.pass 
Award text is stored correctly in the database gradesets tablepass 
XML output amended to account for the new awardText data (addressed by ECA010-8)pass 

SDS Ref: 4.8 - XML output for programme awards

Updates apply to Cohort management UI


Additional button displayed to trigger the XML export.passAppears on red reports for all years but only relevant to final year students
Existing CSV export button operates as normal.pass 

XML export includes all following fields:

  • Candidate
  • Student
  • name
  • award_type
  • award_programme
  • award_code
  • classification
  • award_text
Award_code in export is consistant with the award codes presented in the degree classification spreadsheetpass 
Classification codes are properly corrosponding with EUCLID codes per the SDSpass 
if any student has N/A classification export will be prevented.pass 
All actual student data is correctly populated and representative of the underlying datababse objectspass 


Most excellent work! Good job.



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