Business Requirements

Functional Requirements

ECA010-1 -  *Sumative projects removed from scope*

ECA010-2 -  Alter Aggregation Screen to Encourage Examiner Input

At present only "Contributing towards final grade projects" are included in the display of projects completed, although they won't affect the calculation of the suggested grades.  The information relating to projects "Not contributing towards final grade" must be displayed at the top of the page in chronological order.  They should be displayed in a different colour and with a heading to separate them from "Contributing towards final grade projects".

The "agree" button at the bottom of the aggregation page must be changed to allow submission of grades along with a comment for each of the courses:

  • when saving it must record which courses the grades have been entered for when and by what user
  • The comments recorded must be associated with the courses that have been graded in that transaction and available for display in the yellow board


ECA010-3 -  Changes to Manage Grades page

The confirmed aggregated grades must be displayed on the Manage grades page, any course without grades must be displayed with a dash in the Learning Outcome (LO) boxes.  In order to assist the administration staff, an expandable view of the projects contributing towards the grades must be viewable from the manage grades pages.  By default the view should be collapsed and when expanded show the sections from the aggregation page above the actual Grade Aggregation section itself, this preview does not require as features other than to view the information.

The "Edit" button must be changed to "Update", when using this feature it will allow ungraded courses to have their grades entered and follow the normal aggregation process as outlined above.


ECA010-4 -  Display comments in Yellow Board

Comments captured in the aggregation pages must be displayed in the Yellow board reports.  The new comments will be held against 1 or more courses and as such the comments displayed must also indicate the courses that they relate to. 

ECA010-5 -  Remove Blue Boards

External Examiners were given their own exam board, however, this has been underutilised and is causing more of a burden for administration.  The External Examiner comments will be captured at the Red Exam board in future, as such the process for capturing changes from the Blue Board can be removed.  For historic Blue Exam Board changes, the portal will need to retain this information and ideally allow it to be displayed where previous exam boards are being reviewed, however, should this impinge on the development time as long as the information is retained it can always be completely removed from view as long as the record is accessible in some way, even if that isn't through a page on the Portal.

ECA010-6 -  Update Mapping on Course Export

The existing Course results export requires one of the results to be mapped to another value.  Where the grade for the course is AN (Abesent/Not Present) is generating a FF (Force Fail) output, this must be mapped back to the AN for the upload into EUCLID.  The XML and CSV files are generated from the Course Export pages.



ECA010-7 -  Capture of Comment on Degree Classification

A new field is required on the Red Exam Board page to allow users to capture the comments to go with an award classification.  The field is only required for final year assessments when the Portal will calculate and display a degree banding.  The field must be accessible to the XML output for programme awards and have a one to one relationship with the award.

ECA010-8 -  XML Output for Programme Awards 

Registry are implementing a method of uploading awards into EUCLID.  At present there is a CSV export of the degree qualifications and clasification available once the Red Board has been completed.  This needs to be expanded to include an XML option containing the data required for the upload to EUCLID.  This function will be called from the Student Grades pages.

The file must contain the following fields (attached is a copy of the sample output provided by Student Systems):

NamePortal ObjectExample
candidateExam number 
studentStudent CodeS0812345
nameStudent Surname and InitialsBloggs, J
award_typeDefault to F (final)F
award_ProgrammeCohort or Programme of Study CodeUTJESIBAH
award_CodeMapped Award CodeBAH
classificationMapped Degree Classification2:1
award_textFreetext from Red Board (see ECA010-7)With distinction

 Please note that EUCLID has validation on entry of the degree classifcations to ensure that the degree and classification are an accepted combination.  The attached Valid Degree Classification spreadsheet includes all of the allowed combinations, while it is not expected for the portal to validate the combinations, the mapping between Portal coding conventions and EUCLID coding conventions must be checked and if required a mapping introduced.

Non-Functional Requirements

No changes to the Portal's behaviour is expected from these requirements.

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