Completion Report

Project Summary:


The objective for this project was to complete a number of enhancements to the exam boards processes.


All of the enhancements were delivered ahead of the exam boards commencing, with agreement of the project team the Deployment Sign Off was extended to cover all of the exam boards.  The enhancements were:

  1. Alter Aggregation Screen to Encourage Examiner Input
  2. Update the XML/EXCEL export update mapping of grades results to match EUCLID convention (AN result)
  3. Remove the blue exam board process (external examiners board)
  4. Introduce an XML output of Degree Awards and Classification for upload into EUCLID

3 Post Go live fixes were deployed in the run up to exam boards.  Exam boards and award uploads have now been completed.


As stated above all of the agreed enhancements were delivered.


The project was extended by 2 weeks in order to cover the exam board period.

Resource Breakdown

TeamOriginal EstimateFinal AmountVariance
Project Services12.5 days11.0 days-12%
Development Team33.5 days30 days-11%
Development Technology2 days1.5 days-25%
Apps Management1 day1 day0%
Directors Office1 day0 days-100%
Total50 days43.5 days-13%


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 50 days

Staff Usage Actual: 43.5 days

Staff Usage Variance: -13%

Other Resource Estimate: 0 days

Other Resource Actual: 0 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

Less development and project management time was expended than expected.  Contingency had been held back for Post Go Live support and again less was required than expected.

Key Learning Points:

Exam Board enhancement work must be started earlier.  Getting changes to the Exam Board in the few weeks ahead of the Exam Boards themselves causes pressure in terms of pushing through the development, testing by the business partners and in this instance lead to 2 of the post go live fixes, although they hadn't emerged during testing in Test.  The recent review of the ECA programme has agreed to start the enhancement project in early 14/15 and utilise the remaining budget for 13/14 to gather feedback from the recent exam boards and feed into the overall enhancements work.

Tagging of releases needs to be consistent in the implementation plan and the latest version in Sub-version, the tagged version in the implementation plan was a previous version that led to a deployment of code that didn't include all the JIRA fixes. This was partly a product of making late changes, however, should be noted for future projects.

Outstanding issues:


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ECA Portal Exam Board Enhancements
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Craig Middlemass
Project Sponsor
Alan Murray
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