Implementation Tasks

Infrastructure Components

A TAD was not created specifically for this project.

The previously-existing TAD for the portal is at: K:\ISAPPS\dsg\DevelopmentTechnology\tad_diags\ECA001


Application Components

All application components should be taken from the appropriate subversion repository. The tag for this deployment is 2.1.0.r12616.

A production branch will be created by the developer shortly after live deployment is completed.


Pre-install tasks

DB backup

Make a backup of the ecaportal database for the environment you are about to deploy to. This will be required in the event of a rollback.

Under maintenance

Set application to be 'under maintenance':

  1. Copy /src/htdocs/Application.cfm into the webroot E:\inetpub\TEST\ecaportal\htdocs\ (adjust path for live).
  2. Delete Application.cfc from the webroot: E:\inetpub\TEST\ecaportal\htdocs\Application.cfc



Patch database

Obtain the scripts from the repository: /db/patches/ECA010

Connect to database instance as user ecaportal and run both files, in order, on database ecaportal.


Patch web application

Copy (adjust path for LIVE):

  • /src/htdocs/ into E:\inetpub\TEST\ecaportal\htdocs\

Overwrite existing files.


Integration Components

Not required.


Data Population

Not required.


Data Migration

Not required.


Implementation Validation

  1. Log into the portal as an admin user.
  2. Browse to c->feedback/assessment->student grades.
  3. Select a cohort under 'manage grades', e.g. 2013/4 / Animation (UTANIMBAH) / UGT 3
  4. Verify that only the Yellow and Red exam board control panels are displayed. (Blue should not be present).



  1. Restore the ecaportal database from the backup which was created before this deployment.
  2. Delete all files in E:\inetpub\TEST\ecaportal\htdocs\ (adjust path for live).
  3. Copy all files from last good tag into E:\inetpub\TEST\ecaportal\htdocs\ (adjust path for live)


Project Info

ECA Portal Exam Board Enhancements
CAHSS Portfolio Projects
Project Manager
Craig Middlemass
Project Sponsor
Alan Murray
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