The Website & Communication (W&C) team had a set of tools to help monitor and evaluate websites but with the move from Polopoly to EdWeb some are no longer working. The project will build on this previous development to deliver an easy to use software application that takes a website URL and delivers a set of information about the website.  This will include capturing a sites structure, determining the last date pages were edited and listing  data entry points e.g. cookies and forms. This will allow us to respond quickly and easily to support requests and allow site owners to manage sites more effectively.

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are also come into force in May 2018 and having the ability to monitor what cookies are being set and what forms are being used will help us to prepare for this new legislation and be able to respond in a timely manner to any changes that may be needed e.g. explicit consent to cookies that will be classified as being privacy invasive.


  • The project will deliver a software application that takes a website URL and delivers a set of information about a sites structure, when the pages were last edited and what what cookies are being set.
  • Where possible this will use existing Python code.
  • The audit tool will need to be robust and it's maintenance sustainable.
  • The tool needs to be easy to use and display data or produce reports that are easy to interpret e.g. explore exporting site structure to display in mind mapping software MindGenius.
  • Expand the tool where appropriate to create meaningful output that non-technical staff can easily use e.g. spreadsheets, web interfaces.

The project will be delivered by a student intern over a 12 week period.

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Where possible consideration will be given to providing help and data for other projects e.g.  The Web Estate Audit Project being run.

This could include:

  • supplying information where relevant
  • quality assuring returns from the supplier for the Web Estate Audit project
  • manipulating and integrating outputs from the Web Estate Audit project


The objective is to meet the business expectation that we should be able to support site management in a more data driven way allowing site managers to make decisions about content and their site structure. This functionality will improve site management decisions, help content to be more current, accurate and relevant and track and monitor cookie use.


Website audit tool that can

  1. Capture and display a website's structure (including homepages, overview pages and content pages etc.)
  2. That can determine the last date a page has been edited and display this in a way that is easily interpreted by website site managers and editors.
  3. Produce a comprehensive list of all cookies that are being set and potentially the nature of those cookies. Any additional data about these cookies would be beneficial. 
  4. Full documentation of the software and documented handover procedure to allow W&C team to use the tool to it's full potential.


  1. Student intern will gain valuable insight into Information Services, gain work experience, get exposure to project management software such as the projects website and JIRA. Will also complete the full program of events including the final presentation for the Employ.ed scheme run by the Careers service.
  2. W&C team to potentially gain insight into new coding techniques and cutting edge technology.
  3. Help prepare the website and the publishing community for the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018

Success Criteria

  • Audit tool delivered
  • Full documentation and handover procedure to W&C tech team
  • Tool advertised and requested by website community
  • Feedback requested from audit users
  • Student completes full Employ.ed program

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Stratos Filalithis
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