This project supports the delivery of the Sustainable Campus Fund from the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability


The Sustainable Campus Fund consists of £2.75m available over 3 years and is one of the mechanisms to deliver on the University's Climate Strategy. The Fund is authorised by Estates Committee and is managed by Estates and the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability. All staff and students are invited to submit project ideas to the Sustainable Campus Fund, the Engagement team within SRS develop these into projects and test them against the criteria set by Estates Committee for the Fund. When the project has been developed, it is presented to Utilities Working Group for feedback. If approved at this stage, the project goes for review to the Director of Estates and Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability.


This project refers to the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability role in delivering the Sustainable Campus Fund, which is a multi-stakeholder and cross-department initiative.


  • Identify and develop projects that meet the criteria set by the Fund to deliver annual savings of £675,000 and payback of 5.1 years, with target spend of £0.75m in 16/17, £1m in 17/18 and £1m in 18/19
  • Present projects to the Utilities Working Group for consideration to be funded
  • Monitor the Sustainable Campus Fund process to ensure it is achieving the Fund objectives
  • Report on Sustainable Campus Fund spend and savings achieved through quarterly and annual reporting
  • Promote the Fund and engage staff and students in creating applications to it through the online tool


  • Projects meeting Sustainable Campus Fund criteria presented to Utilities Working Group monthly
  • Quarterly and annual reports on Sustainable Campus spend and savings achieved
  • Tracker spreadsheet and system to log and monitor projects and savings against the 10% target
  • Online tool appropriate to use by all staff and students and enabling review of projects by colleagues in Estates and SRS

Success Criteria

  • Projects meeting Sustainable Campus Fund overall criteria and objectives developed and presented to monthly Utilities Working Group consistently in line with spend target (£0.75M in 16/17, £1m in 17/18 and £1m in 18/19)

Resources, Skills and Costs

  • Engagement Manager staff time for project management and presentation of projects to Utilities Working Group
  • Engagement team time for projects development with stakeholders including wider staff and student community, Energy Coordinators, and Estates colleagues
  • SRS Projects Coordinator time for analysis, construction and maintenance of tracker spreadsheet
  • Communications team time for promotion of Sustainable Campus Fund, construction and maintenance of Sustainable Campus Fund online tool for applications and review

Project Stakeholders

  • Utilities Working Group - High interest/high influence - Meets monthly and is main governance for the Fund
  • Estates Committee - Medium interest/high influence - Requires update twice yearly and authorises Fund
  • Energy Office – High interest/high influence – meet fortnightly to review plans for project submission and get feedback on projects implementation
  • Building Services team – Medium interest/high influence – consult on project proposals when costings and details are needed, engage with for feedback on project proposals
  • Other Estates colleagues – Medium interest/medium influence – Encourage applications to the Fund for relevant work and engage with when appropriate for feedback, build interest to encourage higher rate of applications
  • Energy Coordinators – Medium interest/medium influence – Encourage applications to the Fund, train to use the Fund effectively
  • Wider staff and student community – Varied interest/medium influence – Build interest and encourage applications to Fund


  • Projects identification and development
  • Communication and engagement with Fund applicants and potential Fund applicants
  • Analysis of projects savings, monitoring and reporting on Fund progress


Current project status

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August 2020 AMBER 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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EEC1 Sustainable Campus Fund (SRS)
SRS - Energy Engagement and Communications (EEC)
Project Manager
Chris Litwiniuk
Project Sponsor
Michelle Brown
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In Progress
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