Work/Task Breakdown

Phase 1 of the project delivered a working Openstack cluster at KB and AT, a SWIFT object store, and tested DR and backup processes and procedures and made this available to a limited pilot to some ISG divisions for testing.

Phase 2 of the project will build on the work above. The following tasks are being undertaken:

  • decision to be made on remaining capital spend as to the balance of  increasing memory in existing servers and the purchase and installation of additional servers
  • installation and completion of 10GB networking infrastructure
    • need to collaborate with CIS to configure the 10GB network switches and ensure they are service-ready - this is being scheduled for January
    • 10GB switches need to be moved to the correct racks in the datacentres and cabled appropriately - probably using MPO structured cabling
    • 10GB infrastructure needs to be connected into the core network in both AT and JCMB
    • the switch fabrics for this project and the VDI project need to be coalesced into a single fabric
  • Upgrade to VIO 4 
    • this will upgrade the Openstack software to the latest release before going into service including hypervisor and PSC if required
    • create patch install and rollback plan
    • TEST will be upgrade first
    • review authentication policy with AD
    • possible upgrade SWIFT if required
    • upgrade LIVE cluster
    • update service documentation if required
  • end user documentation on EdWeb
    • need to create a sub-service page on the ISG Cloud service page
    • link to standard end user Openstack documentation for general user help
    • document how the standard VLAN and firewall rules are setup for end users to adopt and explain how they can have them modified for their services
    • document Compute Availability Zones
    • document quotas and charges
    • document that there is no backup of the object store
  • service monitoring needs to be put in place
    • main service monitoring is not in scope of this project as it is being delivered by Zenoss themselves as part of another upgrade project for the monitoring system
    • additional monitoring of rsync for SWIFT needs to be put in place
  • move to full service delivery
    • deploy self-service portal 
    • optionally deploy dynamic DNS zone support
    • DR test of loss of a datacentre and the effects on the management agents will be undertaken
    • shell scripts to do rolling restarts of SWIFT nodes will be put in place
    • charging mechanism to be put in place
      • check ceilometer data is being correctly recorded
      • provide scripts to pull out data and set charges
    • standard images to be made available for users to deploy
      • decision to be made on whether to include Windows Server in that list


Resources Skills and Cost

Resources are met from within the ITI Enterprise Services Section.

The project has a capital budget of £200K and ongoing revenue cost of £30K.

git will be used as a repository for all scripts and programs

Project Info

Private Cloud Provisioning
ITI - Enterprise Services (ENT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Graeme Wood
Project Sponsor
Anthony Weir
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