Project will all have these governance roles by default.

Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Project Sponsor Graeme Wood

Enterprise Services Manager

Project Manager Kirsty Waddell Project Manager, ITI
Programme Manager Maurice Franchesci Project Services
Portfolio Owner Tony Weir Director of ITI
Portfolio Manager Maurice Franchesci Project Services

Project Board

Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Senior User (may be the Executive)    
Senior Supplier    
Other board members    

Planned Project Timelines

At the time of writing the timelines are subject to approval of the £250K funding from the Campus Sustainability Fund and the report from Aecom being available by the end of April.

Resources Skills

Project Team


Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Project Manager Kirsty Waddell Project Services, ITI
Technical Lead and other technicians Paul Hutton Datacentre Manager
Business Lead(s) Robert MacGregor Aecom
  Rab Calder Energy & Utilities Manager
  Sheila Scott Building Services Manager
  Calum Muir Building Services Engineer


Tolerances will be agreed via the Project Working Group/ITI Director once a decision is taken as to which solution will be used. It is recommended that the following approach is taken:

Type                Tolerance                                                                   Action

Time                Change to major milestone </> 15 days.      review/approve.

Scope              All non-trivial changes.                                        review/approve.

Risk                   Likelihood/impact > medium.                         review/advise.



Milestone Sign-Off means Date of Milestone Who signs-off (Accountability)

Start of Project

Project can begin, is in line with Programme and Portfolio priority, has resource

Add initial planning dates for milestones

Sponsor, Programme Manager

End of Planning

Project Brief, Plan, Estimated Budget, Risks - all approved. Project has resource approved by section head for the estimated effort. Project has funding for effort for other costs.


Sponsor, PM, Programme Manager, Section Head(s)

Communication Plan If not completed by end of planning then indicate when planning done   PM
End of Analysis quality and completeness of analysis   business analyst/business lead / senior user/ PM
End of Design quality and completeness of design   technical lead / senior supplier/ business lead / senior user/ PM
End of UI Design quality of UI - to show we have designed an interface that is usable, accessible, promotes equality and diversity   technical lead / senior supplier/ business lead / senior user
End of Build quality and completeness of build   technical lead / senior supplier/ PM
Acceptance overall quality of deliverable, UAT has been passed, Intergation testing successful, all components technically checked  - fit for delivery to live service  

technical lead / senior supplier /business lead / senior user /business analyst /PM


Security QA deliverable satisifies security   Section Head
Branding QA for new, upgraded services, sign-off that branding guidelines for ISG, University, school/college has been followed by the project team  


but UoE C&M, college C&M and (pending) ISG Branding Team also should sign-off

Design UI QA to show we have built an interface that is usable, accessible, promotes equality and diversity   Sponsor and Service Owner
EqIA For new services or services undergoing substantial change, there must be an equality impact assement completed, validated by equality office and deposited on eqia website   PM or Service Owner Equality Officer


Change to Service can proceed


Sponsor, PM

service owner/ service operations manager (helpline)

Handover to Support support can take over running of the Service   service owner/ service operations manager (helpline)


Project can close


Sponsor, PM







All risks will be logged on the project website/risk log and will be scored (in keeping with existing practice) on a 1 to 4 basis in terms of probability and impact (1-unlikely to 4- almost certain/1-low to 4-critical). The risk register will be reviewed regularly, owners will be asked if the risk has changed, for progress against any required mitigation activity and should risk tolerance be breached it will be escalated to the Project Board.  


All issues which materialise, or any other event that has a less than trivial impact on the execution of the project will be logged an issue on the project website/issue register. Ownership will be assigned and analysis with recommended options/recommended actions detailed. Issues will also be reviewed regularly and escalated should the impact be deemed significant enough for Project Board action. The project manager will ensure all changes to cost/timeline/scope must be recorded in the issue log, and reflected in milestone long, budget and estimations, and the project Scope Change log.

Previous Lessons Learned



The project is dependent on the following:

1. Funding approved from the Campus Sustainability Fund

2. Good working collaboration between all parties i.e. ISG, Estates and Aecom

3. Comprehensive recommendation report being agreed and planned

4. Resources being available as and when required


The project will be managed by exception and in line with current best practice. High level oversight will be maintained by the following body:

Role Name  Div./Group/Team/Area

Project Sponsor                Graeme Wood                   Enterprise Services Manager

Portfolio Manager            Maurice Franceschi         Project Services

Programme Manager     Maurice Franceschi          Project Services

Project Manager              Kirsty Waddell                      Project Manager

The Project Working Group will be held weekly (or as appropriate as the project kicks off) and will review/approve/reject any changes to major milestones or scope in line with agreed tolerances. Any risk that breaches agreed impact tolerances will also be reviewed alongside the expected benefits.

The Project Working Group will consist of the following members:

Chair: Kirsty Waddell – Project Manager

Graeme Wood – Sponsor (Optional)

Paul Hutton – Datacentre Manager/Technical Lead

Rab Calder – Energy & Utilities Manager

Sheila Scott – Building Services Manager

Calum Muir – Building Services Engineer

Robert MacGregor – Associate Director, Aecom



Project Info

Data Centre Efficiency & Expansion
ITI - Enterprise Services (ENT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Lawrence Stevenson
Project Sponsor
Graeme Wood
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Programme Priority
Overall Priority