The current system, has been in operation for the last 8 years. The current system, which is use across the University sector,  was eveloped and continues to be supported by an Australian company called Colsoft.  However, having identified the need for further functional and information improvements and in acknowleging the risk that the system is supported, primarily by one person in conjuction with a part-time colleague, the decision has been taken to investigate, identify and implement a new system that will fullfill the business requirements

Scope, Objectives and Deliverables


 The scope of this project is as follows;

  1. Review and clarify the business requirements associated with a Security Inceident Tracking system within the University of Edinburgh
  2. Identify possible third-party solution including both software and the required infrastructure
  3. Determine if Cardbox details can be incorporated within the new system or any required interface
  4. Identify required interfaces with associated Univserity systems, e.g. EBIS
  5. Procurement and implementaion of identified solution

 The business objectives for this project are as follows;

  1. Enable the Control Room operator to create an incident in real time and allocate available resource
  2. Enable each incident to be quickly and efficiently updated with the required mandatory information
  3. Enable all activity associated with an incident to be viewed / reported
  4. Provide more accurate information associated with activity analysis amd performance management
  5. To have a single system in which both security incidents can be tracked and all security based protocols accessed and maintained
  6. Provide ability to download  control room details to encrypted external devices -  if decision taken to incorporate existing Cardbox details


The required project deliverables are as follows;

  1. Define and document current and required business processes
  2. Identify and procure a software solution that fulfills the business requirements
  3. Implementation of a new software solution in both Test and Production environments
  4. The appropriate levels of training for both system administrators and front-line users
  5. The production of relevant training material
  6. The definition of the appropriate service level agreements with both IS Applications and the software supplier


The implementation of a new system will deliver the following benefits

  1. Enable more effective and efficient uses of available resources
  2. The level of information captured for each inident will be consistently captured and greatly improved
  3. A time sequence system that cannot be altered, enabling details to be admissible in a court of law
  4. Improved level of service resulting from improved information
  5. Improved level of incident management information

Success Criteria

  This project will be deemed succesful if the following criteria are met

  1.    The new system delivers the functionality required to meet the specified business objectives
  2. A good opertional knowldege of the system administration is retained within the Security team
  3. The appropriate level of user training is delivered
  4. Full communication regarding the project objectives, milestones, progress and implementation is maintained with the project stakeholders, security staff and relevant business areas throughout the University
  5. Full system handover to IS Applications Management to enable on-going system support to be maintained


Project Info

Security Incident Tracking System
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Adam Conn
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