May 2013

Report Date
May 2013

Achievements in Last Period

  • The configuration of the Perspective with the building contact information has continued
  • The documentation regarding, Implementation Plan, Deployment Plan and Operational Document has been completed al but final changes to the Deployment Plan
  • A series of use case training scenarios were created to assist with the user training
  • Training has been completed for approximately 50% of the security team, inclusing all senior security officers
  • The infrastructure was completed for the new live environment
  • The scheduled go-live was successfully completed and the staggered rollout is now underway
  • The current IRIS system and the new Perspective system continue to be jointly updated during teh staggered rollout phase
  • As part of the go-live process, it was observed that database resilience could be improved by utilising the mirrored SQL Server environment at the secondary site.  The project sponsor approved and as a result, the Test environment was successfully completed on 6th June whilst arrangements have been made for the Live environment to be updated on 10th June
  • The project sponsor has requested that the project be extended to incorporate the implementation of workflow and the project has been re-planned to accommodate this



  •  The reported issue of not being able to convert an activity into an incident was identified as a configuration issue and has been resolved
  • A minor issue requiring the nmaed individual to be re-entered when converting an activity into an incident has been obsereved and wil be further investigated during the forthcoming viist by Richard McKeon
  • Training has taken longer than was initially anticipated. Whilst this will elongate the staggered rollout of teh system, it does not impact on the overall project schedules


 Next Steps

  • Complete system configuration the building contact information
  • Complete preperation of live system
  • Incorporate additional database resilience on the Live environment
  • Richard McKeon (PPM 2000) is scheduled to be on-site 12th /13th June to review workflow requirements
  • Document workflow requirements
  • Arrange for upload into Test
  • Arrange for upload into Live
Project Status
RAG Status
Change Status
Approved budget
65.0 days
Activity this month
7.6 days
Activity this year
41.3 days
Activity to date
41.3 days
Estimate to complete current year
11.0 days
Estimate to complete future years
0.0 days

Project Info

Security Incident Tracking System
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Adam Conn
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