Closure Review

Project Summary:

Project Completion

It has been agreed with IS Apps PMO that project EST093 will be transferred to a new code EST109.

The project was initiated in March 2016, and the brief for the project has been substantially revised, following on from work being done with the enabling EDW programme, and the installation of the new Estates Helpdesk. It is felt that is would be better to transfer the outstanding deliverables and budget to a new project. 

This completion report is therefore fairly skeletal by design, and has been created solely to comply with the governance required to migrate project. 

Thanks to IS Apps PMO in assisting with this.  


This project is concerned with the provision of a strategic reporting capability for the Estates Dept, to include the actual delivery of an agreed set of strategic reports.

In order to achieve a strategic reporting capability, we need to create a number of pre-requisite, foundation building blocks that come together to form the Estates Data Warehouse (ESDW). Further explanation is provided in the approach section.

The formation of ESDW will not only serve the requirements of this project, but act as a key enabler for all future Estates Management Information, Business Intelligence and strategic reporting projects.

Scope from brief

No. Description                                                                                                                                                         MoSCow Status (Unchanged / Changed / New / Removed) Comments   
S1 The definition of a set of strategic reports required by the Estates dept., including a priority order of delivery. An agreement on what will constitute the initial delivery; defined as ‘Phase 1’. This will become the scope of this project. Must Unchanged

Partially Delivered. D01*, D02

Business Analysis documents for space and maintenance mgmt were created and signed-off in Aug 2016. 

S2 The provision of a set of Phase 1 strategic reports Must Transferred Not Delivered D13,D14

The delivery of a self-service capability, to enable a limited number of Estates specialist users to create their own reports, based upon Business Objects universes made available as part of Phase 1

Should Transferred Not Delivered D15

The provision of one or more Business objects universes in support of Phase 1 reporting.

Must Transferred Not Delivered D11, D12

The provision of one or more Estates Data Marts in support of the Phase 1 Business Objects Universe(s).

Must Transferred

Not Delivered



The design and creation of a partial Estates Data Warehouse Subject area (ESSA) in support of the Estates Data Mart(s) created as part of Phase 1.

Must Transferred. ESDW / ESSA are now incorporated within the EDW foundation layer.

Not Delivered

D07, D08.


The design and creation of a fuller Estates Data Warehouse Subject area (ESSA) We should take the opportunity to create the best ESSA building block that we can, as a clear enabler for future Estates MI/BI projects. This will save time and effort tin the long term     

Should Transferred

Not delivered

D07, D08


The provision of various ETL (extract-transform-load) processes that can populate ESSA with appropriate operational data.

As a minimum this must encompass the data requirements for Phase 1.

Must Transferred

Not delivered

D07 -> D10

S9 The establishment of a set of guiding principles and processes (namely the above) that provide a clear foundation and template for utilisation by all subsequent Estates BI / MI / Strategic reporting projects. Should Removed

Not delivered. Now part of wider EDW programme. 


The successful combination of Estates data with data from other subject areas, for example Finance. A key driver behind Estates strategic reporting is the ability to combine data from across the University.

Should Transferred

Not delivered.


*D-numbers refer to matching deliverables in EST109 brief. 


The objectives were not itemised in the original brief, as per the standards in operation at the time. The Objectives are covered by the scope above. 


Success Criteria

Success Criteria                                                                                                                                                                                         Criteria Met? (yes / no) Comments
The delivery of the agreed Phase 1 strategic reports No. Transferred to EST109  
The establishment of the basic building blocks for ESDW, acting as a key enabler for future Estates BI/MI projects No. Transferred to EST109  
Establishment of a BO specialist-user function within Estates No. Transferred to EST109  


Milestones Original Planned Date Actual Achievement Date Reason for Change
Start 17/02/16 Same  
End of Planning 13/05/16 Same  
Delivery No date set None.  
Closure No date set  None.  


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 200 days

Staff Usage Actual: 72 days

Staff Usage Variance: N/A

Other Resource Estimate: 0 days

Other Resource Actual: 0 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Analysis of external Costs 

A refresh of the business analysis is being conducted by an external supplier, Simpson associates. 

This is a shared cost with project DTI019 "BI/MI Analysis Toolkit" . 

The Estates portion of this amounts to 15.3k   

POs=IS15199, IS15474

Total amount=30,600 Estates share is 15,300.  

Both POs have been raised under EST093.   PO IS15199 has been settled in 16/17. PO IS15474 will be settled in 17/18. 

Explanation for variance:

Project has not delivered on its key scope items. However a set of comprehensive business analysis for space and maintenance mgmt were delivered.   

Key Learning Points:

Will be documented as part of EST109.   

Outstanding issues:

Transferred to EST109.



The project close has been approved by 

Nikki Stuart  - CSG Portfolio Manager

Derrick Matheson - Estates Programme Manager 

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Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
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Chris Lawford
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Karen Adamson
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